What Makes NEM A Special Cryptocurrency? How you Can Buy It?

Aditya  |  May 20, 2020

After the post-ban on cryptocurrency by the apex court of India, now it has become easy to buy cryptocurrency in India. Initially, because of doubts and some issues, RBI had put a ban on it. But now there are no more restrictions. The buzz of cryptocurrency came into being after Bitcoin created a buzz around the world. But cryptocurrency space is not filled with only one Bitcoin but more other cryptocurrencies. Among those cryptocurrencies is NEM. Now, what makes NEM a special cryptocurrency, and how you can buy it? Well, we are going to discuss all these in this article.

While doing an online search about NEM, it is possible that you might come across a new term called XEM browsed by other online visitors. Now if you think these are the separate entities, then you are thinking wrong. There is indeed a lot of confusion that people have for NEM and XEM. But there is not too much wide difference between the two. So, let us uncover this bothering mystery. NEM is actually a project name and XEM is its cryptocurrency. However, XEM is least known by people, so people consider XEM coin as NEM. So what makes NEM a special cryptocurrency in comparison to other digital currencies. Well, there are some factors that would give an answer to your question.

Scalability And Faster Speed

If you have the curiosity to know about what makes NEM a special cryptocurrency, then let us reveal to you about the fact that it is efficient in the scalability factor, and besides this, it is also very speedier in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. The other two important factors are Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. The first one is used in the blockchains of popular digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Another alternative is Proof of Stake which seems much better because it removes the mining and benefits holders of the crypto coin by rewarding them for their participation in coin staking. It is much implemented by so many digital coins which include the prominent one like Ethereum.

How You Can Buy NEM

Now after knowing brief information about what makes NEM a special cryptocurrency and the difference between XEM, let us know about how you can buy NEM cryptocurrency.

The most important priority which you must focus one is selecting the best NEM wallet. Having a wallet that provides safety and security should always be recommended. It is because in case you lose all your XEM coins by choosing a useless wallet, then you won't be interested in buying NEM cryptocurrency. So always choose an authentic wallet before you think of the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency. If you really want to find a better option for the NEM wallet, then we recommend you to NEM Nano Wallet. This is the perfect choice which is specially made for XEM coins. This wallet is supported by many operating systems and is pretty much secure.

Adding on to other options is Trezor which too shares a similar secured feature and is a most acceptable crypto hardware wallet. If there is any better alternative you can find other than NEM Nano Wallet, then it is certainly the Trezor.


So this was all about what makes NEM a special cryptocurrency. You might be interested in knowing much about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash because they get much attention in the crypto world. But it is not completely true. There are other cryptocurrencies like NEM, which is efficient in its features like scalability and faster transactions. If you had confusion between NEM and XEM, then in today’s article, you got to know about the difference between the two. Where NEM is a project, XEM is its cryptocurrency. But if you don’t want to bother your mind much, then it is okay to consider it as NEM.

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