What You Need to Know About Launchpads and KCCPad

Evan  |  Jul 9, 2021

In the Crypto and DeFi space, it is common knowledge that whoever gets in early on a project, wins! 

It's really been that simple. Early adopters of successful projects always benefit the most because they rode the trend to the top from the ground level with the project, so they got to enjoy all of the benefits along the way. 

In the last few years, cryptocurrency investors have seen their investment options increase dramatically. The average investor now has access to many crypto projects in their early stages as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) brought these projects more exposure and recognition. Although, a side effect of this has been that many smaller crypto projects have found it difficult to gain access to raising capital in a safe manner. This situation however has changed since the inception of the launchpad model. Both sides of the divide — projects and investors — now prefer to follow the path of a token launchpad project. 

In early 2018, when the boom of ICOs was coming to an end, entrepreneurs and projects began thinking of other means to sell their project's tokens. They did this as a means of raising funding for their project's development activities. With the level of regulatory uncertainty surrounding the trading on secondary markets, migration to Security Token Offerings (STOs) failed to gain traction. Binance however, pioneered the initial exchange offering (IEO) movement. IEOs will become increasingly popular from 2019. Right now, Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is what is being used a lot. Launchpad platforms are being used by token issuers to reach large markets of decentralized exchange users.

It is easy to see why this is a popular choice by both projects and investors. Launching in launchpads not only benefits the projects by allowing them to enter the market "seamlessly" and quicker, it gives everybody looking to invest in the project early access to token sales without necessarily needing to have huge sums of capital to invest with. 

What Is a Launchpad? 

As the crypto industry continues to experience an increase in the rate of adoption by large institutions, there have been a lot of Crypto projects that keep heading in the direction of using Crypto launchpads to raise capital. Launchpads are platforms that help crypto projects raise capital for their projects while giving investors early access to token sales. Because of this, people who get in early on a project's launchpad usually get the opportunity to buy tokens at a much more reduced price before they get to the markets. Launchpads also offer some security to investors unlike other forms of initial coin offering models that have existed in the past. Another really cool thing launchpads help with is community. A community is the heartbeat of every project and launchpads help crypto projects build a community. These communities often mix with other communities on the launchpad, thereby creating a network effect. 

With launchpads, investors can be rest assured that they are protected, as many launchpads also work as a vetting process for new crypto projects. Also, there are increased listings on major exchanges because many crypto launchpads are reducing the barrier to enter a project that is caused by high costs. 

Luis Aureliano, a Financial crypto analyst with over 15 years of experience in macroeconomics, said he believes IDOs offer plenty of opportunities to projects and investors. 

“After several previous iterations, IDO has become the de facto token offering mechanism, providing projects with a route to token liquidity. IDO tokens also offer an excellent way for investors to get in on the ground of a project. However, IDO tokens can have a high risk-return ratio, so they aren’t necessarily suitable for beginner or casual traders." Luis said. 


KCCPad is the first major launchpad on KCC. Integrated with Kucoin's new and highly anticipated Community Chain, KCCPad brings stability, safety, and amazing opportunities to the ecosystem. 

The KCC launchpad is a deflationary launchpad with a 0.5% fee for every sale on the platform, a 25% fee also applies for early unstaking, and projects on the KCCPad platform will need to commit to buying and burning KCC tokens to launch their IDO. There will also be a 50% burn rate and 50% in staking rewards. 

The KCCPad launchpad is incubated by BlueZilla Labs. BlueZilla is the team behind the super successful BSCPad, the TronPad, and the soon-to-launch ETHPad. BlueZilla has supported the KCCPad team with rapid and full advisory, technical, and marketing support. If we're going by this fact, we can say that the KCCPad is going to be as big as the BSCPad in the not too distant future. 

KCCPAD will launch on Monday, July 12th with an initial market cap of only $25,000. The KCCPad project will use a fair launch with anti-bot prevention that will ensure there's fairness to all in the entire process thereby living in tandem with the project's mantra; "the people's launchpad". 

In just 24 hours since the announcement of KCCPad's launch, the community has seen over 7500% growth across all social media channels. 

There have been over 3000 whitelist entries in the last 24 hours with 3 more days until launch! There will be a lot more, and only those who get in early now would enjoy the full benefits of this platform. To get in at ground level, you can submit your whitelist application now. 

Whitelist Link: https://app.viralsweep.com/sweeps/full/adf2ae-91344?framed=1

Note: Whitelisted participants will be eligible to buy KCCPAD at launch during bot prevention 

You can find more information about KCCPad at:

Telegram: t.me/KCCPad_Official

TelegramAnn: t.me/kccpad_announcements

Telegram Turkish: t.me/KCCPadTurkishcommunity

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