Why Clever DeFi Holds The Ability To Disrupt the Traditional Finance World

Sujit  |  Apr 9, 2021

Regardless of whether you think Bitcoin would become digital gold, the technology that undergirds it - blockchain (or distributed ledger technology), has sparked a new movement that has everyone excited around the crypto and conventional finance divide... It's known as DEFI (Decentralised Finance Initiative). 2020 was a traumatic year for almost all of us. Businesses collapsed and the economies of every country came down. However, a crypto investor or someone from the DeFi network will think otherwise. The pandemic came as a boon to the world of decentralized finance.


The crypto space not only boomed to a great extent, but the people also started to understand the benefits of decentralized finance. Thousands of businesses went decentralized and the DeFi industry reached several milestones over the past year and today, the total value locked at DeFi stands at $51.42 billion. Unless you've been living on a remote sheep farm in the Himalayas without access to the internet for the past ten years, you'd have heard of DeFi and digital assets in all likelihood. And platforms like Clever DeFi have taken decentralized financial services to a next level. 

The DeFi Industry is Thriving

Today even central banks are considering creating their own secure digital coins and financial institutions are investigating the disruptive potential of distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, and decentralized apps (dApps). Therefore, interest in the space is no longer limited to a small group of tech-savvy crypto nerds; the entire financial services industry is taking notice.


DeFi is making headlines, and not without reason. It gives you complete control over your assets and transactions. You don’t have to be dependent on a central authority or bank for the safety of your money. DeFi advocates argue that these programs of transactions and storing value should be run by and for the people who, by allowing them to use their capital, generate value for centralized institutions. DeFi is more than a concept; digital “banking” networks are springing up to support services based on peer-to-peer (P2P) concepts rather than centralization. DeFi's ultimate goal is to destroy the entire financial services industry. And this is the reason why the industry is being widely accepted. 

DeFi is Disrupting the Traditional Financial World

Traditional banking is being forced to adjust or risk being left behind by the emerging technologies of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Many centralized financial processes are out-of-date and inefficient. Have you ever tried sending money to another country or withdrawing funds from an ISA? There's no reason why these transactions shouldn't happen in milliseconds, but they could take anywhere from 2 to 5 days.


And it is not just about the speed. Let’s take security for instance. DeFi allows you to sit on the driver’s seat to take control. A new generation of nefarious hackers can target centralized systems (especially those that are outdated). Data breaches, fraud, and security issues may affect reputable financial institutions and their centralized structures. Customers are the ones who lose the most in these security breaches, since they are shut out of their applications, their digital banking, and their cards are reissued. DEFI aims to solve the three-pronged problem of scale, speed, and security in crypto finance while remaining fully decentralized.


When you go to DeFi, there is no limitation of time. You don’t have to be worried about banks being closed over the weekends. As a result, they are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You also don’t have to worry in terms of both time and place since they are accessible wherever there is an internet link.

Clever DeFi: DeFi at its Best

Clever DeFi

So to overcome these drawbacks of the traditional banking or financial world, you need the DeFi. And Clever DeFi is what you need to get DeFi at its best. CLEVER is a Decentralized Finance Initiative (DEFI) Protocol that distributes interest payments to all CLVA token holders on a preprogrammed routine cycle schedule that takes 34.15 years to complete. CLEVER (CLVA) is a protocol that derives its meaning from a DDM (Decentralized Distribution Mechanism) embedded within the smart contract.


When you use Clever DeFi, you have the ultimate ownership of your wealth. CLVA tokens are kept safe on the Ethereum network, where no wallet can be accessed without the required private keys. CLVA token owners receive additional tokens as interest every 14 days, with a maximum rate of 11%. The best thing about the Clever DeFi is that the payouts are hardcoded into smart contracts, meaning that users can collect interest automatically as long as they have tokens in their wallets.


Your CLVA will never be locked into a staking time or a term contract! Within cycles, you have complete freedom to transfer or submit your CLVA wherever you want. Therefore, Clever DeFi makes the best use of blockchain technology to make your financial world fast and secure and brings a solution to almost everything wrong with the traditional financial system. 


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