YouTube Removes Cryptocurrency Videos Citing “harmful or dangerous content”

December 24, 2019      Prashant Jha

YouTube, the largest video hosting platform, has turned hostile towards crypto influencers or rather any cryptocurrency video. On 23rd December,, several Youtubers reported their content had been removed by the platform citing “harmful or dangerous content.” The more concerning aspect of the issue was that Youtube neither informed content creators nor released any official statement explaining the reasoning behind their decision.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter also does not allow for crypto advertisements on their platform, and Google, who acquired Youtube, has similar reservations towards digital currencies due to regulatory issues. However, before the recent event, there hasn’t been any news of platforms removing content because it was associated with cryptocurrencies. One Youtuber took to twitter to express his anguish after Youtube banned his channel for a week. The tweet read,

While another Youtuber who have been making these crypto videos for almost a decade was confused about why Youtube decided to delete his videos even though his channel did not violate any community guidelines, he wrote,

Is Youtube Concerned Over Regulations or a Personal Attack?

The state of regulation in the United States is still confusing at best for enterprises and service providers. The US Congressman Paul Gosar introduced a bill to bring some clarity over the state of crypto regulation. Given there is no official statement from the video hosting platform, and it is not clear if some miscreants mass-flagged these crypto videos, it is hard to establish the exact reasoning behind the decision.

However, there is another aspect emerging which hints at a personal rivalry being the reason behind the flagging of crypto content. A Telegram conversation shared by Chico Crypto whose channel was banned shared another tweet from a Telegram conversation, where a user called @IamSamSmith is stating,

“This is only the beginning of your demise Chico. You started a war which you will not win. I Sam Smith vow to bring upon you the same pain which you did to me. We will keep flagging.”

Unless Youtube responds to these tweets or releases a statement clarifying the issue, it would be difficult to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Prashant Jha
Prashant Jha

An engineering graduate, Prashant focuses on UK and Indian markets. As a crypto-journalist, his interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.