Zebi’s New Cloud Storage Solution Launched
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Zebi’s New Cloud Storage Solution Launched

January 18, 2020      Zain Raza

Zebi, a blockchain solutions company, has put in motion its Zebi Secure Cloud, which vows to provide a forensically-monitored approach to ensure the security of cloud data and infrastructure. Zebi is a full-fledged company which runs on a blockchain, was founded by Silicon Valley veterans.

Pruthvi Rao, Chief Executive Officer of Zebi, stated –

Cloud security is absolutely critical in today’s world to make sure your organisation doesn’t become vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data theft,” 

Zebi’s development is the need of the hour

In malicious times like today, where cyber crimes are so prevalent, it is pivotal for companies like Zebi to have an impeccable approach to make sure they are not prone to it. Evidence plays a massive part to outline the extent of damage done and the nature of the attack, but most often than not, its tedious task to collect solid evidence.

This is the part where this product would come in handy as it maintains a digital-indestructible container on every system, similar to an aircraft where a flight recorder maintains the record. It relies on machine learning for analysing the logs, and note nefarious activities. In the case an event needs to be analysed, it would help retrieve all information any time to tell what actually happened.

He states that statistically out of the 40% per cent breaches that ever have been detected, about 70% of it cant be analysed in a proper way because they get tampered as files and logs are deleted. He added :

“The new Zebi product uses a blockchain-based data logging and integrity management system empowering organisations to log the events forensically. It also enables advanced monitoring and analytics and provides integrated data encryption as a service, back-up and recovery.”

He is of the view that Zebi’s cloud storage system influence is not just limited to monitoring the events leading to the incident but would also help in analysing the logs during and even after the security event.

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