Investment decisions are never easy, especially if you don’t have an efficient advisor. The same is the case with blockchain and crypto projects. While cryptocurrencies promise lucrative returns, bad investment decisions can take a big toll on our finances. But you don’t need to worry. Cryptoknowmics hosts several top cryptocurrency advisors lists on its platform. These top blockchain advisors can provide you with the best suggestions and counsel on cryptocurrencies that can help you make the most out of your crypto investments. Our crypto advisors are some of the most prominent voices in the crypto niche and most of them have been active in the space ever since the launch of the world’s first cryptocurrency. With the crypto sector being still nascent and budding into a promising future, we recognize the need for industry veterans and their opinions to make profitable investments.

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Jorge Sebastiao
CTO Eco-System | ICT Expert | Cloud Computing | CyberSecurity | Disaster Recovery | BigData | AI | Blockchain | Advisor

International ICT speaker. Seasoned managed services, cloud computing, cyber security, blockchain, big data, AI, IoT and ICT innovation professional focuse

Dr. Evan Luthra
Entrepreneur & Investor | Honorary Ph.D in Blockchain | Advisor

I started EL Group when I was 15 and wanted a company name to publish the Apps I was building. ?Today EL Group has pivoted to Serve as the Best In The Indu

John Dalli
Politician| Consultant | Advisor

John Dalli is an accountant by vocation and started his career working on the dry docks of Malta and later in a private advertising firm. Mr Dalli has serv

Verlin Sanciangco
Founder and Managing Advisor

Founder & Managing Advisor at WESTO, Wes Consulting Group Ltd. is an international project funding, decentralized finance, and blockchain consulting firm s

Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.
Sales & Business Development | Blockchain | CRYPTO | ICO | Healthcare | Advisor

Krishnendu is an entrepreneurial oriented Ph.D. who is currently focusing on driving the early adoption of blockchain solutions for DTCO, Taiwan in healthc

Naveen Kapoor
Business Analyst | Project Manager | Scrum Master | Blockchain Expert | Advisor

Solution-driven IT Business Analyst and Project Manager with twelve years of experience in leading cross-functional teams in development, documentation and

Richard Trummer
Strategy | Investor Relations | Advisor

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, ICO Advisor and Investor. Part of an Investors group. Cryptocurrency trading and mining. Translations. Internet Marketing Expert

Rubab Arshad
Marketing Advisor at Exclusive Platform

A Crypto Adviser enthusiast looking to bring significant contributions to the crypto community by partnering with top-line investors. She help founders pro

Hamza Khan
Blockchain Dev | Advisor | Developer | Stellar Blockchain Expert

Hamza Khan, Blockchain expert and ico analyst having 5-year experience in the crypto world. And an expert in Stellar Blockchain and worked with many icos a

Joylin Telagen
ICO IEO STO Advisor l CMO l Representative Faster Capital l Ambassador l ICOBench Expert l Community Building I Trader|Advisor

A licensed Accountant & Securities Representative with 10 years combined experience in Audit, Tax, Accounting and Equity Research. Also providing Advisory