DigiShares R token

Building bridges between traditional finance and blockchain technology

Start : 02nd Jul 2019 End : 01st Oct 2019

DigiShares is among the first in Europe to provide a white-label software platform that can be used for investment funds, real estate funds, and later stage startups to raise funding by issuing shares as tokens on the blockchain and offering them for sale. These tokens represent securities and are fully regulated under the issuer???s jurisdiction. Tokens can represent equity, bonds or other types of customized securities with revenue-sharing rights, voting rights, etc. DigiShares helps design the tokens and smart contracts to correctly represent these securities and the platform then manages the entire process related to the registration and verification of investors, distribution and signing of subscriptions forms and shareholder agreements, continuously updated shareholder registers, as well as the distribution of dividends, voting, etc.

DigiShares partners with international exchanges for the listing and trading of security tokens as well as investor networks to help ensure that issuers can sell their tokens and provide investors with future liquidity. DigiShares also partners with legal advisors across many jurisdictions to provide assistance with setting up SPVs, drafting private placement memorandums, prospectus documents, etc. We have a focus on white-label partnerships so our solution is targeted towards easy customization and branding such that partners can operate it.

The STO is carried out using our own platform.



. Blockchain  -  Ethereum

. Token type  -  R-token

. Available for sale  -  106 300

. Presale Price  -  1 Token = 4.75 EUR

. STO Price  -  1 Token = 9.5 EUR

. Minimum goal  -  190,000 EUR

. Min. investment  -  475 EUR (private), 285 EUR (public)

. Restricted areas  -  China

. Whitelist  -  Required

. KYC  -  Required

. AML  -  Required

Project Team:

Claus Skaaning
Claus Skaaning


Yury Zubarovskiy
Yury Zubarovskiy


Mette F. Kibsgaard
Mette F. Kibsgaard



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