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1.Dutch Crypto Derivatives Exchange Leaves for Crypto-friendly Panama

Deribit cryptocurrency derivatives exchange platform announced on Jan. 9 that it is leaving the European Union for Panama in order to avoid the mandates of the coming fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive. The exchange is set to change its base by early to mid-February.

2.Ubisoft Opens Its Lab to Explore Blockchain And Social Entertainment For Gaming

The popular French video game company Ubisoft announced today the launch of its Entrepreneurs Lab program to explore the blockchain technology and social entertainment to improve users' experience. According to the report, the fifth season of its program in Paris and Singapore is open until March 1.

3.Lazarus Hacker Group Returns with Modified Crypto Stealing Malware

As per the latest report from Kaspersky Labs, the Lazarus hacker group which is allegedly sponsored by the North Korean government, has sprung back into action by deploying new viruses to steal cryptocurrency. The report also hinted that the hacker group might be using Telegram messenger to spread malware.

4.ECB President: European Central Bank Shouldn’t Discourage Private Stablecoins

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde has said that the central banks should not discourage private firms launching their own digital currency or stable coin. The main motto should be to encourage anyone who is working towards finding an efficient solution for cross-border remittance.

5.Bithumb to Invest $8.6 million in Busan

Bithumb, one of South Korea’s largest crypto exchanges, is considering putting in 10 billion won which is around $8.6 million, in Busan's city's "regulation-free" blockchain zone. The announcement comes just weeks after South Korean Tax department imposed a $69.5 million tax on the exchange.

6.ESMA to Push for  Sound Legal Framework for Crypto in EU Markets

European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has announced its plans to focus on data security in the financial industry; especially for crypto assets under its 2020-2022 priorities. The regulatory watchdog believes that the emergence of digital currency poses new challenges for them.

7. Interpol Takes Charge To Tackle Crypto Jackers Targeting Routers in Asia

Interpol partnered with the law enforcing agencies of 10 Asian countries in order to crack down upon the targeted crypto-jacking attacks on around 20,000 Asian wifi routers. The operation was able to identify and eradicate mining malware from more than 70% of the victim’s routers.

8. Ripple CEO Accused of Dumping XRP Tokens to Buy Bitcoin

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse in his recent interview played down the accusation that XRP price is controlled by them. However popular trader Adam Back believes Ripple stakeholders are dumping XRP to buy Bitcoin.

9.Ethereum Researcher Virgil Griffith formally indicted

Virgil Griffith, the former Ethereum research lead who was recently in the news for getting bail on New Year against a $1 million bond, has been formally indicted. Griffith was accused of violating federal law by helping North Korea evade US sanctions with the help of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


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