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Cryptoknowmics Headlines 5th March

1. HTC Develops 5G Router That Can Compatibly Run Bitcoin Nodes

HTC has revealed a crypto-focused and secure router, dubbed Exodus 5G Hub, which can compatible run a Bitcoin node, according to a report today by VentureBeat. The Exodus 5G Hub reportedly leverages Zion software to ensure a secure and private environment for both encryption and blockchain fans.

2. Bitmain Spin-off Plans to Triple to $300 Million Via New Funding Round

Matrixport founded by Wu Jihan, a Chinese billionaire and former chief of Bitmain Technologies Ltd., is set to be valued at $300 million after it completes a new funding round. Matrixport is looking to raise $40 million in a funding round, and it has already pitched the upcoming round to different investors in recent weeks.

3. US Rapper Discharged Of Securities Fraud Accusation

The US Court of Northern Georgia has dismissed the lawsuit against the rapper T.I, that claims, in August 2017, the rapper sold FLiK tokens for his company’s initial coin offering (ICO). As per the report, the investors, who have sued the rapper, failed to produce concrete evidence of securities violation against T.I.

4. Up To 42% Of All BTC Has Not Moved Since 2017

According to the recent valuation report published by Coinmetric, 42% of Bitcoin UTXO have not been used to make a transaction since 1 March. It is the highest since June 2017 which indicates the high chances of Bitcoin having an epic tear towards a new all-time high after the halving this year.

5. FCA Hits on Kraken; Says It's Unauthorized to Operate in UK

FCA has said that the crypto exchange Kraken is unauthorized to operate in the UK. According to an FCA report on Wednesday, the regulator warned Kraken against their business activities in the country and indirectly claimed that Kraken exchange is too risky for public use. 

6. Beijing Implementing Blockchain Invoicing to Increase Transparency

China’s capital is aiming at bringing transparency, immutability and traceability of governance through blockchain invoicing. The tax bureau of Beijing said it would begin implementing the system around the city this March.

7. Bitcoin Sees Surge In Hashing Power After Outbreak Of Coronavirus

As per the latest report, major manufacturers of crypto mining in China have resumed their businesses after the coronavirus outbreak and that helps the computer processing power of the bitcoin network to grow again. Data released by Poolin noted that since January 28, 2020, the hashing power increases by 5.4 percent.

8. Facebook About To Renew Libra To Address Regulatory Concerns

According to a report, Facebook Inc. together with its partners is considering redesigning the Libra crypto project so that the network could allow multiple coins, including the ones provided by central banks, to restore momentum for the project and address reluctant global regulators.

9. Crypto Is An Intangible Asset In The Country: Ukraine

National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) of Ukraine recently published the guidelines defining the digital currencies as an intangible asset to combat the money laundering in the crypto market and enhancing the transparency in the financial system.

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1Egoras Dollar-42.26%