Merely exploring cryptocurrencies will not fulfill your complete purpose. One needs to know how to store them securely to avoid theft. Now you will wonder where it is possible.

Just like you have your wallets where you keep your money, similarly, the safest place to store digital currencies is crypto-wallets. The only difference is they come in digital form. By having them, it becomes easy for a user to practice trading cryptocurrencies, or even buying and selling. Now when it comes to crypto wallet comparison then there are two different forms. Where some crypto wallets are supportive of the specific cryptocurrency, others come with multiple crypto support. Hence, they are called multi-cryptocurrency wallets. Users can find them more appealing because of their multiple crypto storage capacities.

Such kinds of wallets comprise major crypto tokens like BTC, and altcoins like ETH, LTC, BCH and so many. These digital wallets allow access to only that person who is the owner of crypto tokens. It is all done with the special security technique of secret passwords. Only then can they access the funds. A user can have the advantage of accessing Bitcoin wallets or altcoin wallets from their computing devices or even smartphones.

If you are inquisitive to compare crypto wallets, then Cryptoknowmics is the best answer for all your curiosity.


Your private key is the most important information to authorize outgoing transactions on the blockchain network. Software and online exchange wallets




Upgrade your Nano experience with a wallet that’s just as intuitive as the fast and free Nano. Features1. Support for desktop and mobile2. Sync b

Cosmos Exodus Wallet

ATOM wallet with modern design makes ATOM easy to use. Features1. Highly rated by the crypto community with millions of downloads since its launc

Dogecoin Exodus Wallet

A fan favorite now available in the easy to use and beautifully designed Exodus. Features1. Millions of downloads with high ratings on the App St

Bitcoin SV Exodus Wallet

One of the few wallets where you can not only store your BSV but also exchange it with ease. 1. Trusted by the community and has millions of down

Chainlink Exodus Wallet

Easy to use wallet with exchange feature for easy management of your LINK. Features1. Millions of downloads with tons of great reviews2. Beautifu

Ethereum Classic Exodus Wallet

Secure, manage, and exchange your ETC on desktop, mobile, and hardware (Trezor). Features1. More than 4 million downloads with high reviews from

Tezos Exodus Wallet

Tezos wallet with great design and multi-platform support. Features1. Works on desktop and mobile2. Sync your XTZ across desktop and mobile with

Tether Exodus Wallet

Trezor wallet with mobile, desktop, and hardware wallet (Trezor) support that lets you exchange Trezor wallet with mobile, desktop, and hardware walle

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