11 Best Bitcoin Debit Cards To Spend Crypto In 2021

Sahaj  |  Aug 10, 2021

Bitcoin has long been in the markets for now, and we just can not deny the fact that the oldest cryptocurrency is thriving well in its space. Debuting back in the year 2008, Bitcoin has come a long way surviving lots of ups and downs and now, it seems ready to be cashed out by its investors for their real-life uses. With the surge in the price of Bitcoin, came a rise in the number of retail merchants accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment in exchange for their goods and services. However, not every time you’ll be lucky enough to find a merchant that can accept Bitcoins directly. In this case, you first need to sell your held Bitcoins on an exchange, followed by the withdrawal of fiat currency back to your linked bank account. Here comes the need for a Bitcoin Debit Card. 


Now, most of the readers might be going through this term for the very first time, but it’s as simple as any other debit card issued by card giants like VISA and Mastercard. A Bitcoin Debit Card eliminates the above-described procedure and cuts short the deal to purchase goods from Bitcoin directly with this card. Apart from Bitcoin Debit Card, there is another type of card in the market known as a cryptocurrency debit card. As the name suggests, a cryptocurrency debit card is yet another debit card that cashes out any specific cryptocurrency apart from or along with Bitcoin, such as Ethereum Debit Card and many others.


Also, users will now be having an option to opt for plastic or a Bitcoin virtual debit card. Who’d have given it a thought that we will be using a Bitcoin virtual debit card by 2021? As for this ‘virtual’ thing about these cards, you can acquire a Bitcoin virtual debit card easily and instantly unlike plastic cards.


Well, there are a lot of Bitcoin Debit Cards options available in the market to choose from, and selecting one of them might be a hard task. Here, in this article, we will be discussing the 11 best Bitcoin Debit Cards to spend crypto in 2021. Our analysis is going to be based on several measures, such as the services provided by the cryptocurrency debit card, the number of cryptocurrencies the card supports, withdrawal amount cap, transaction fees, and safety.

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards to Spend Crypto in 2021

This is a list of top Bitcoin Debit Cards according to us, and the list may vary according to other researchers. Here we go:

Binance VISA Card

Binance VISA Debit Card

We all know Binance as the leading cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform. Well recently, the #1 crypto exchange has introduced its Binance VISA Card that will be supported by over 50 million merchants to convert digitally held cryptocurrencies into fiat. At present, the Binance card is only available in the EEA region. 

Pros of Binance Card:

  1. Binance is a reputed and well-backed company, hence, it is trustworthy and safe
  2. Over 50 million merchants all over the world support this card, you might need it
  3. No application fee, maintenance fee, or unnecessary charges until 2021
  4. 8,700 EUR daily spending limit for the physical card and 870 EUR for virtual card
  5. EUR 290, daily ATM retrieval allowed
  6. Earn cashback up to 8% on purchases
  7. Cons of Binance Card:

    1. Minimum staking for 8% cashback must be more than 6,000 BNB coins
    2. Only 4 cryptocurrencies are supported (BTC, BNB, SXP, and BUSD)
    3. 0.9% charges on transactions and ATM withdrawals
    4. Coinbase Card

      Coinbase Debit Card

      Coinbase card is yet another cryptocurrency debit card that can be trusted as it is backed by VISA. The users can easily link their physical Coinbase debit card with their respective Coinbase wallet and start spending crypto and USDC funds. At present, the card only converts cryptocurrencies to USD, EUR, or GBP prior to the completion of a purchase or ATM withdrawal. It won’t be wrong to consider it a ‘bitcoin debit card the USA,’ as it works best there.

      Pros of Coinbase Wallet:

      1. Wider acceptance can be used wherever VISA cards are accepted 
      2. No card application and transaction fees for US users
      3. Personalized app for convenient wallet switch
      4. Virtual card issuance and linking to Google Pay
      5. Instant notifications
      6. Security features enhanced
      7. Cons of Coinbase Wallet:

        1. No worldwide availability only supported in US, UK, and Europe
        2. Card issuance fee and transaction fee high for non-US customers (4.95 EUR and 2.9% respectively)
        3. Cashback rewards are not credited automatically
        4. NEXO Card

          Nexo debit card

          NEXO has recently released Bitcoin debit cards options by issuing physical as well as virtual cards for its customers to make purchases through their held Bitcoins. The working of this card is slightly altered to other debit cards as it is linked to the available balance from a line of credit. The crypto-backed loan service offered by NEXO allows the customer to spend cryptocurrencies without having to sell them in the market. This is probably the best bitcoin debit card 2021 as it provides numerous benefits to its customers.

          Pros of NEXO Card:

          1. No need to sell Bitcoin in order to make purchases at supported stores
          2. Easy virtual card issuance for online transactions 
          3. Ability to change Pin at any ATM
          4. Over 41 million merchants supported worldwide
          5. NEXO app for proper and hassle-free card management 
          6. Get cashback on every purchase you make (payment in BTC or Nexo tokens)
          7. Supports 20 cryptocurrencies
          8. No transaction charges and ATM withdrawal fees
          9. Cons of Nexo Card:

            1. Easy top-up of the card through Bitcoin or cash is not allowed
            2. BlockFi Bitcoin Credit Card

              BlockFi Bitcoin Credit Card

              This is a credit card and the reason why it is listed here in the list of debit cards is that it is the first-ever Bitcoin rewards credit card in the world. The BlockFi Credit Card gives 1.5% cashback in BTC on every transaction provided it is of some significant amount. Customers get BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) that allows them to earn up to 7.5% APY on cryptocurrencies.

              Pros of BlockFi Bitcoin Credit Card:

              1. 1.5% cashback on notable transactions
              2. Earn 2% on purchases made above $50K annually
              3. Flat 3.5% cashback during the first 3 months of card ownership
              4. No issuance fee, no transaction fee, no maintenance charges, and no international transaction charges
              5. Earn CAGR on BTC received through cashback
              6. 8 cryptocurrencies supported
              7. Cons of BlockFi Bitcoin Credit Card:

                1. Not meant for all individuals
                2. A long list of requirements to meet the eligibility criteria
                3. Requires an excellent credit rating score
                4. Card not easily issued
                5. Wirex Card

                  Wirex Card

                  If you want complete control over your debit card, then Wirex Card might be a strong contender to hold the title of ‘best Bitcoin Debit Card 2021.’ The Wirex Card is best suited for travellers and specifically international travellers as it supports 16 fiat currencies and 10 cryptocurrencies. The company has a reportedly high user base and offers high daily spending limits.

                  Pros of Wirex Card:

                  1. 16 fiat currencies supported
                  2. 10 cryptocurrencies supported such as BTC, ETH, and Ripple
                  3. Available to use in more than 130 countries
                  4. Regulated by FCA and licensed in multiple jurisdictions like Singapore, Japan, UK, and Europe
                  5. High crypto spending limit, up to $50K per day
                  6. 0.5% cash back for every in-store purchase
                  7. 24/7 customer support
                  8. Cons of Wirex Card:

                    1. 1% crypto top-up fee charged every time we fund it
                    2. High ATM withdrawal fee, 2.5 EUR plus 3% of transaction value
                    3. Crypto.com VISA Card

                      Crypto.com VISA Card

                      The MCO VISA Card issued by Crypto.com is totally worth it to be included in this list and is probably the best metal card that comes in different variants. Various services provided by the Crypto.com VISA Card are buying, trading, selling, storing, earning cashbacks, loans, and paying bills. This card is considered a card for the younger generation and deserves to be included in the list of top ‘bitcoin debit card 2021.’

                      Pros of Crypto.com VISA Card:

                      1. Availability of Binace Card App to actively manage funds
                      2. Crypto and fiat top-up allowed
                      3. Earn up to 8% cash back on purchases made through the card
                      4. Over 60 million supporting merchants worldwide
                      5. Over 90 cryptocurrencies can be transferred to the card
                      6. No issuing charges, no monthly charges, and no maintenance fees
                      7. Get a free Netflix account and Spotify subscription, definitely a card for the youth
                      8. Cons of Crypto.com VISA Card:

                        1. The only supported cryptocurrencies are BTC and BNB
                        2. Cashback issuance only above 5,000,000 CRO tokens 
                        3. ATM withdrawal charges of 2%
                        4. Uphold Debit Card

                          Uphold Debit Card

                          The Uphold Debit Card issued by the multi-asset digital exchange platform Uphold allows its users to possess the ability to pay for purchases using the asset of their choice. Though it comes with a lot of charges, it provides decent spending limits, up to $10K per day and $1.5K cash withdrawals. 

                          Pros of Uphold Debit Card:

                          1. Uphold Debit Card allows $10K expenditure per day and $1,500 cash withdrawal allowed
                          2. Can choose from multiple assets (Crypto, Stocks, Currencies, and even Metals)
                          3. 1% and 2% cashback on every USD transaction and in crypto respectively
                          4. International transactions are not chargeable
                          5. 46 cryptocurrencies and 23 fiat currencies are supported
                          6. Cons of Uphold Debit Card:

                            1. Available only for customers based in the United States
                            2. Card Issuance Fee way too high ($9.95 to acquire debit card)
                            3. $2.50 on every ATM withdrawal
                            4. Crypterium Bitcoin Card

                              Crypterium Bitcoin Card

                              The Crypterium Bitcoin Card service will allow your hand to grab a Bitcoin Debit Card 2021 if you are from certain regions that do not have these kinds of debit cards services yet. This card is powered by VISA and regardless of your residential location, you can order one from the official website of Crypterium. Though you need to pay the delivery charges varying from location to location, you will be able to perform all the activities just like your traditional debit card.

                              Pros of Crypterium Bitcoin Card:

                              1. High daily and monthly usage limits, up to $10K daily and $60K monthly
                              2. Card issuance from Crypterium mobile app
                              3. Deliverable and usable around the world
                              4. Can exchange cryptocurrencies from the top 10 exchanges
                              5. Cons of Crypterium Bitcoin Card:

                                1. $9 issuance plus delivery charges
                                2. Takes a very long time to be delivered 
                                3. 1% top-up fee and 2% international fee charges 
                                4. BitPay Card

                                  BitPay debit Card

                                  BitPay is a well-established firm in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and hence a trustworthy option to rely on. The BitPay Prepaid Mastercard allows its customers to load BTC on the card and convert them into fiat currencies in order to spend them at millions of worldwide merchants. At present, BitPay Card is only available in the United States

                                  Pros of BitPay Card:

                                  1. 8 supported cryptocurrencies
                                  2. Wide usability of BitPay Mastercard
                                  3. Enhanced security measures
                                  4. No credit score checks to acquire the debit card
                                  5. Complete availability in the USA
                                  6. Offers prepaid VISA Card connected through BitPay account 
                                  7. Cons of BitPay Card:

                                    1. Card issuance cost is $9.95
                                    2. 3% fee charged on foreign fiat currency conversions
                                    3. US availability only
                                    4. No cashbacks or rewards
                                    5. Takes a long time to arrive
                                    6. $2 fee for ATM withdrawals
                                    7. Uquid Debit Card

                                      Uquid Debit Card

                                      Uquid Debit Card extends support to over 80 cryptocurrencies including Dash, Monero, Ripple, Etheruem, Litecoin, and many more. At present, the Uquid debit card supports three fiat currencies, EUR, USD, and GBP. The availability of both physical and virtual cards is a plus for this card. 

                                      Pros of Uquid Debit Card:

                                      1. Top-up using several cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and DOGE allowed
                                      2. Free shipping of cards to over 178 countries
                                      3. Fast delivery
                                      4. Both android and iOS app availability 
                                      5. Cons of Uquid Debit Card:

                                        1. ATM withdrawal fees $2.50
                                        2. Low daily spending limit, only $150
                                        3. Monthly card charges of $1
                                        4.  BlockCard Cryptocurrency Debit Card

                                           BlockCard Cryptocurrency Debit Card

                                          If you are looking for the best way to use your cryptocurrency held in your digital wallet, BlockCard Cryptocurrency Debit Card might provide you with the means of doing so. With easy and convenient account creation, you can apply for a BlockCard cryptocurrency debit card and can add funds from over 12 cryptocurrencies.


                                          Pros of BlockCard Cryptocurrency Debit Card:

                                          1. No deposit or issuance fee charged
                                          2. No exchange fees charged
                                          3. More than 12 cryptocurrencies supported and cash funding allowed
                                          4. Over 46 million supporting merchants worldwide
                                          5. Cons of BlockCard Cryptocurrency Debit Card:

                                            1. $5 Monthly charges on failing to spend over $750 
                                            2. $3 ATM cash withdrawal fee 
                                            3. $3.50 on international transactions
                                            4. Which Bitcoin Debit Cards are best for you?

                                              While looking for the best Bitcoin debit card for you, always make sure to look for the cards that first of all, provide services in your country. Along with this, go through the fees they charge and choose them only if it is acceptable to you. Always look for the background of the company before applying for any card.

                                              In addition to this, it should be known that as of now, only Crypterium card is the one that extends its services in India.

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