Adrian Grenier of HBO Believes Bitcoin Poised to Take Fiat Currencies’ Spot 

Sahaj  |  Jul 24, 2021

Actor Adrian Grenier of Entourage featured on HBO believes that the fiat currencies like the US Dollar are going to be replaced by Bitcoin. The actor is the first to admit that he is not an expert on cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them.

Adrian Grenier Says Bitcoin May Replace Fiat Currencies

In accordance with the details revealed in the interview with CNBC, it was revealed:

“You’re going to see the adoption rate increase exponentially over time, but you’re also seeing bitcoin as future dollars, as opposed to bitcoin. Where we need to get to philosophically is that it’s not going to eventually become dollars, it’s just going to be bitcoin.”

As revealed last month, CNBC met with Grenier in Miami which was also billed as the biggest event surrounding Bitcoin in history. 

In the HBO reference, it was told that a lot of people shouted out Vince as they walked past Grenier, however, many had no clue that he did care about the flagship currency. Grenier said:

“The mainstream sentiment is that bitcoin is about making money...and sure that that does happen, but really, what is at the heart of bitcoin, and all decentralized currencies, is an ethos and a philosophy around decentralizing our ability to connect with one another in various ways, exchange value, and be owners and have more sovereignty in the world’s wealth, taking it out of the hands of the gatekeepers and the centralized banks.”

Use of Their Own Decentralized Currency

In addition to this, they mentioned that they are going to use their own decentralized currencies in order to execute a trade with one another very hyper-locally. He said:

“And that’s what bitcoin does: it gives that level of transparency, hyper localization, and access to everybody within the community. I like the technology – the decentralization of bitcoin, which gives more access to more people.”

Moreover, he addressed the fact that he is spending cryptocurrencies and said:

“I’m also spending it and trying to use it in the real world,” he said. “Right now, bitcoin is so volatile because it’s new, and people are looking at it as a trade...Eventually, it’s going to settle down and it’s going to be the currency that we use.”

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