Another Popular Crypto Channel Gets A Strike Of Three Months From Youtube

Javeria by Javeria - 05:26 PM Feb 24, 2020
Another Popular Crypto Channel Gets A Strike Of Three Months From Youtube

Another large account has complained YouTube for flagging his videos as harmful without any actual reason. With this, the saga of crypto content producers and Youtube continues. The main reason behind this is nothing else but the fact that the video-sharing platform can’t differentiate between educational content and a scam.

Video-Sharing Platform Giant Strikes Ivan On Tech Live Stream

Ivan on Tech, the Blockchain-related YouTube channel having more than 215,000 subscribers, is one of the biggest channels in the sector.

The owner of the channel reported that Youtube is flagging crypto-related contents as harmful and dangerous without any reason.

Ivan on Tech tweeted about a recent video of the channel that was simply about the Bitcoin movements and updates has been flagged by YouTube. The owner of the channel further tweeted that there was nothing harmful or dangerous in the video. The video got a strike for three months starting from 23 February for which the owner has already submitted an appeal.

The video streaming giant responded to the tweet saying they’ll follow up and inform into the matter soon.

The Saga Of Youtube And Crypto Content Creators Continues

This is not the first time YouTube flagged or removed a crypto-related video on its platform. Previously, in January, Youtube accepted to Cryptopototo that the error was on its side during the review process. The giant started removing and banning crypto videos, flagging them as harmful without any prior notice. However, it afterwards informed that it is a mistake from their side and that the videos would be restored soon.

Crypto Zombie tweeted that the video platform is still not able to differentiate between legitimate cryptocurrency and blockchain streams and promotional scams. Many crypto enthusiasts believe that Youtube is purposely silencing genuine creator while letting scammers run steadily.

All these events somewhat prove The Moon Carl comments as accurate. The Moon Carl said in January that something like this could happen again which it did.

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