Ant Group Launches AntChain For Blockchain-Based Solutions

Vandana  |  Jul 23, 2020

Ant Group which is a leading financial services provider has officially announced the launch of AntChain. AntChain is a new brand which has been specially developed for the blockchain based solution of the firm.

Eric Jing, Executive Chairman of Ant Group has said that the firm believes in blockchain potential which also helps to solve the real-life problems of the customers.

Ant Group has been investing in blockchain research

With this announcement, it has been released that since 2015, the firm has been investing in blockchain research and development. The major purpose of this was to improve transparency and to build trust among different industries.

 It has been reported that Ant Group is having the largest productivity blockchain platform in the country. The firm processes around one billion transactions on an average in a day.

Now with the launch of AntChain, the firm is aiming to accelerate the transformation of blockchain-based industries. Along with this, it will also work towards making blockchain technology easily accessible to the users.

Reducing the deployment time of blockchain-based solutions

The launch of Ant Chain is one of the great steps towards reducing the deployment time of blockchain-based solutions. Through this, it will be able to reduce the time by almost 90%. Ant Group has designed the AntChain station very precisely and it is about the size of a laptop.

Through AntChain station, the users and clients of the firm will be able to rapidly deploy the blockchain technology. Recently, the firm has also set up a strategic agreement with some prominent firms like Dell, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard. This partnership has been formed to make IT leasing services accessible for small and medium scale enterprises. This is not all, Ant Group has also entered into a partnership with Intel and the purpose of that partnership was quite similar to this one.

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