Anthony Hopkin’s Upcoming Film to Premiere on NFT Platform Vuele

Divya  |  Jul 8, 2021

Academy award-winning actor Anthony Hopkin’s new movie ‘Zero Contact’ will be sold on the new NFT marketplace Vuele. The 83-year-old actor has had a glittering career with several notable performances in movies like Silence of The Lambs, The Elephant Man, Marvel’s Thor franchise, and The Father.

Vuele to Distribute Anthony Hopkin’s New Film as NFT

According to Zero Contact’s producer, Enderby entertainment, the movie is centered on five characters, who band together to shut down a tech titan’s invention that can either solve mankind’s problems or end all life on earth.

The movie was produced in 17 different territories during the first waves of the pandemic and the production team shot all the sequences on Zoom. It is scripted by Cam Cannon and will premiere exclusively on Vuele between late July to early August.

“Everything about this film is unconventional, from the way we shot it using Zoom and remote production, to its distribution,” said Rick Dugdale, who helmed the production and direction of the project at Enderby Entertainment.


Vuele plans to distribute the movie in four to five NFT drops that will include the main film and some yet-to-be-determined extras that would varyfrom token to token to create different price points.”
Dugdale noted that Enderby decided to release Zero Contact through NFTs because the technology will help create a “scarcity in copies of the film, and protects against piracy.”

Launched last month, Vuele is a new digit asset marketplace that focuses on distributing movies among viewers, who can purchase the offerings through both crypto and fiat currencies. Zero Contact will be the first NFT to feature on the platform and appears to be the only project announced by the firm, which hasn’t specified the blockchain that its platform is built on. 

The Growing Influence of NFTs in Media

It seems media houses and TV studios are racing each other to become the first to embrace NFTs and cryptos. Blockchain technology is literally everywhere with reality shows, television productions, and movies devoted to the subject.

For instance, a cable network is working on a reality show that will see crypto users locked out of their wallets. The show has even roped in cybersecurity and crypto experts who will offer advice to the participants on recovering their assets.

Meanwhile, the AMM Global production company announced earlier this month that it’s developing a 12-episode series titled “Crypto Keepers” slated for a release in 2022. The show will highlight NFTs and a competition between developers from Hong Kong and America, who are striving to create a new digital asset.

Also, Fox Corporation hopped on the NFT brigade in June with the launch of its new NFT firm Blockchain Creative Labs, which will be dedicated to commercializing assets associated with shows that partner with the platform.

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