Antonopoulos Believes Bitcoin Might Not Have Privacy Feature Like Monero

July 8, 2020      Vandana Malik

Bitcoin educator, Andreas Antonopoulos says that Bitcoin might not be able to have a privacy feature like Monero. He says that he hopes to see more privacy features on Bitcoin but he believes that this will not happen with Bitcoin anytime soon. He made these predictions regarding Bitcoin during a Livestream Q&A session on his Youtube channel. On his Livestream Q&A, he has compared Bitcoin with Monero and said that Monero has quite great privacy features as compared to Bitcoin.

Antonopoulos says privacy feature on Bitcoin will create controversy 

Antonopoulos has also revealed that if the privacy feature will be added to Bitcoin then it might create some huge controversy. Along with this, he has also said that the structure of Bitcoin has been developed in such a way that it won’t be able to allow ring signatures and stealth addresses. This is the reason why Bitcoin cannot be considered as a privacy coin like Monero.

However, Antonopoulos said that soon there might be several improvements in Bitcoin like Schnorr, Taproot and Tapescript. A lot of people in the crypto community believe that by adding these features, Bitcoin might become more privacy-oriented.

Bitcoin might move towards privacy

Just like Antonopoulos, there are several other people also who have mentioned the use of Schnorr and Taproot. Andrew Poelstra, the Director of a blockchain firm has also praised the use of Taproot on BTC blockchain. Along with this, he was concerned about transaction amount and graph being exposed and addressed it as quite a big problem. He has also praised the use of Schnorr and believes that with this, one can easily protect the original set of signers. However, it is an undeniable fact that even after making such improvements, it will be possible for people to trace the transactions on the BTC blockchain.

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