APEX: E3 Launches Algorithmic Trading Competition
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APEX: E3 Launches Algorithmic Trading Competition

November 26, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

Digital asset trading analytics company, APEX:E3 launches an algorithmic trading competition between the students of Oxford and Cambridge universities. The participants of the trading competition were onboarded on 16th November itself with the trading ending in December 2020. APEX:E3 has also partnered with Coinbase, FTX, SIX Digital Exchange, LMAX Digital, and ConsenSys.

Algorithmic Trading Competition Between Oxford and Cambridge

A total of fifteen teams will use the APEX:E3 API to build the algorithm and execute the spot market trading on exchanges such as CoinbasePro and FTX.

When the competition will end sometime by next, the trading clock will stop and the industry panels will come together to rate on the algorithm.

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Usman Khan, CEO of APEX:E3, commented:

“We are excited by the opportunity to bring real-world learning opportunities, extra-curricular activities, and financial market analysis to interested students under lockdown. We have been really energised by the response from Oxford and Cambridge students for this competition and look forward to expanding the scope and number of universities next year. A huge thank you to our partners who we are delighted to be working with, and our partners at both universities for all their help to get this competition off the ground.”

Both the teams will be judged based on the return on investment, trading strategy as well as design by leading panels from industry experts.

Winning Team Will Keep Seed Capital

The teams will be given seed capital along with technical support and mentorship on trading. However, only the winner will get to keep the seed capital and the returns they will make on it.

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Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser, Department of Computer Science, University of Cambridge, added:

“Algorithmic Trading is an important use of many areas of cutting-edge Computer Science in today’s world, and by turning it into a competition, APEX:E3 has created a fun and risk-free way for students to learn about the industry and bring their creativity and expertise to bear on the particular challenges of this domain.”

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