ASICLine Grabs Quick Attention After Launch of Its Miners

Vandana  |  Oct 26, 2020

ASICLine, a well-known firm in the crypto industry, has managed to grab quick attention from investors across the world. The firm has announced the launch of two miners FirstLine and PowerBox for the crypto industry. Eventually, investors have started showing a huge interest in the firm and the products.

ASICLine was established with the sole aim to make crypto mining an option of profitable investment for the people. Both the miners provide an excellent investment opportunity for all the crypto mining enthusiasts. Importantly, this will not even require people to have prior experience, skills, and knowledge in crypto mining to use the FirstLine and PowerBox miners. So, it provides an advantage for people who are looking up for crypto mining.

ASICLine Miners Will Ensure Fastest Return on Investment 

These ASICLine's miners will ensure the fastest return on investment (ROI) for investors. Also, both FirstLine and PowerBox will be providing extremely fast hash rates, along with a higher level of energy efficiency. 

The FirstLine offers a hash rate of 410 TH/s for Bitcoin, 60 GH/s for Litecoin, 15 GH/s for Ethereum, and 3 MH/s for Monero. Whereas, with PowerBox, the figures are even more impressive as it will provide 1250 TH/s for Bitcoin, 180 GH/s for Litecoin, 45 GH/s for Ethereum, and 9 MH/s for Monero. The power consumption of both miners FirstLine and PowerBox is reported to be 650 W and 1800 W, respectively. Above all, it is important to reduce power consumption in crypto mining to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Miners Are Extremely User Friendly 

ASICLine has designed the miners in such a way that anyone without prior knowledge or experience of crypto mining can easily use them. Martin Muller, CEO of the firm, has said that the firm is extremely delighted to offer such a viable investment opportunity to the people during the time of such a huge crisis.

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