Author Isaiah Jackson Wants Black Community to Switch to Bitcoin

Zain  |  Jun 5, 2020

Isaiah Jackson the author of Bitcoin and Black America has expressed his desire that the black community should adopt bitcoin on a larger scale to fix the broken financial system prevailing in the country which keeps the black community at bay.  There has been massive outrage across the globe after George Floyd was murdered in cold blood by a white officer simply because of his skin colour. While the author supports the protests on the streets he believes those who are not out can also contribute by buying more bitcoin.

He stated that the pictures of protest on social media sights are welcoming but he wants the people to target the economic system which has been so cruel towards them.  Isiah Jackson added that that the current system is developed in a way that it leads to clashes with the police no matter how much you try to avoid it and ultimately lead to the deaths of black people. He wants people to remember that once all is said and done, they remember who the real culprit is. He also took shots at the policies of the government by printing infinite cash and the unemployment rate and he feels that people are now starting to finally see that bitcoin could be the panacea they've all craved all these years.

Isaiah Jackson Wants More Black People to Use Bitcoin 

There were posters on the streets with the new of the book during the protests too and it could be a sign of things to come.

Bitcoin and Black America becoming apart of the protest is so dope ??

However, Isaiah Jackson highlighted that crypto adoption needs to accelerate amongst the black community as only 10% own it and maybe just 1% actively use it.  He also drew parallels between Bitcoin and the black people by stating that media has been a nemesis for both, painting them with lies, inaccurate facts and just plainly projecting them in the wrong light. He has talked about bitcoin adoption in the black community previously too and is choosing the riots as the right time to remind people again.

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