Author : Ankita Awasthi

Ankita is reading geek by birth, she loves to read and write about finance and now cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2017. A Bitcoin enthusiast ever since, she likes to understand businesses and how they affect everything else. Ankita contributes on our news bulletin with the latest happening in blockchain, crypto and ICO market specifically.

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KCS Technical Analysis: Price Trying to Break the Fibonacci Resistance Level of $11.23

KCS was launched in 2017 as a native token for KuCoin. It allows its users to draw value from the exchange. It ...

  Sep 24, 2021
TEL Technical Analysis: Expect the Price to Fall Below the First Fibonacci Pivot Support Level of $0.015

Telcoin was set up in 2017 to bridge the gap between blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the telecom industry. I ...

  Sep 24, 2021
LUNA Technical Analysis: Look Out for the Strong Resistance Seen at $36.58

Terra offers fast and affordable settlements and uses stablecoins to power a price-stable payment system. Stab ...

  Sep 24, 2021
SNX Technical Analysis: Price May Continue to Trade Between a Range, Breakout Will Confirm Signal

Synthetix allows everyone from around the globe to trade in derivatives. It offers a variety of tradable Defi- ...

  Sep 24, 2021
COMP Technical Analysis: Forming a Really Narrow Range on the Daily Chart, Breakout on Either Side

Compound is a Defi application that uses a lending protocol. This protocol helps users in earning interest on ...

  Sep 24, 2021
QNT Technical Analysis: Price Is Below the Second Fibonacci Pivot Point of $330, Watch Support Levels of $305, $300, and $289

Quant was developed to bridge the gap between use cases of different blockchains. It aims to not reduce the ef ...

  Sep 23, 2021
BSV Technical Analysis: Price Below the First Fibonacci Pivot Resistance Level of $163.71

The Bitcoin SV was hard-forked from the Bitcoin open-source protocol. It is also referred to as an altcoin tha ...

  Sep 23, 2021
EGLD Technical Analysis: Breakout of Price Beyond $240.83 Seen, Bullish Day Ahead

Elrond is described as a part of the technology ecosystem for the new internet, including, fintech, decentrali ...

  Sep 23, 2021
XDC Technical Analysis: Price Tested and Fell Below the Fibonacci Pivot Point of $0.123, Oscillators Showing Bullish Sentiment

XinFin (XDC) is a smart contract blockchain network that helped in breakthrough technology for the financial i ...

  Sep 23, 2021
AVAX Technical Analysis: Trading Below the Second Fibonacci Pivot Point of $78.83

Avalanche is an open-source platform for decentralized applications and enterprise blockchain deployments in a ...

  Sep 23, 2021