Author : Shumaila Arshad Khan

Shumaila Khan is a Senior Editor, a Management Professional, and a novice Crypto-Enthusiast who has authored and co-authored scores of works and research publications in various fields like sales, marketing & communications, geo-politics, and science including crypto asset class and its global impact on the world economy and market. As a keen observer of current and plausible trends in the crypto space, she’s been working to provide fresh content with a clear and resourceful perspective that would help build general awareness about the dynamics of cryptocurrency, its know-how, and sustainability.

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Bitcoin As a Potential Financial Asset

As the world's top digital currency, Bitcoin drove the race in the initial two months as a financial asset and ...

  Aug 16, 2021
The Hype About Bitcoin and Why it Might Be a Bubble

So why this worldwide promotion of Bitcoin out of nowhere? Visit here for calls attention that, there's a ...

  Aug 16, 2021
World Bank, BIS, IMF Seek Global Cooperation to Implement CBDCs

On Friday, the IMF, World Bank, and BIS jointly called for international cooperation and coordination on the i ...

  Jul 10, 2021
Investors Staking in Unregistered Crypto will be Scrutinized-Gary Gensler

On Wednesday the US SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, in his written testimony, warned about unregistered crypto, and ...

  May 27, 2021
Robinhood Suffers Major Outage and License Annulment

The morning of Friday, April 16th, was filled with setbacks as Robinhood grappled with a major system outage a ...

  Apr 16, 2021
Biden Sanctions Russia for Cyberattacks Using Crypto

The US President Joe Biden passed an executive order early on Wednesday expanding sanctions on Russia in respo ...

  Apr 16, 2021
Time to Seriously Consider Selling Some Crypto- David Schwartz

In a latest Twitter thread, the CTO of Ripple Labs David Schwartz handed out some great crypto investment sugg ...

  Apr 14, 2021
Bitcoin Adoption has Reached its Tipping Point-Tom Jessop

Head of Fidelity Digital Assets, Tom Jessop says that Bitcoin adoption as a class of investments and its subse ...

  Apr 8, 2021
Former BitMex CEO Arthur Hayes Surrenders in Hawaii, Released on Bail

Former BitMEX Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Arthur Hayes surrendered to the U.S authorities on Tuesday, April ...

  Apr 7, 2021
Kevin O'Leary Prefers 'Clean Coins' over 'Blood Coins' from China

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary has said that he would prefer to buy 'Clean Coins' over 'Blood Coins' from China ...

  Apr 6, 2021