Author : Trishla Tyagi

Trishla is a crypto writer and social media aficionado. She has substantial experience in covering updates, events, and news related to the crypto space, along with rapidly expanding blockchain and financial technology markets. Her experience in the cryptocurrency market has led her to become a crypto hodler herself.

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Bitcoin Held the Level at $47.8K after Breaking Below

Bitcoin (BTC) held the level at $47.3K after breaking through, through which the downside was tested. Breakout ...

  Dec 7, 2021
MetavestCapital Joins Kasta as an Investor!

The Investor is announced! Kasta has welcomed MetavestCapital as an investor. MetavestCapital specializes i ...

  Dec 7, 2021
SOL/UST and MATIC/UST are on their Way to KuCoin

The Trading Pairs SOL/UST and MATIC/UST Will Be Added to KuCoin.On December 7, 2021, KuCoin will begin trading ...

  Dec 7, 2021
VRA Bounces Massively: Michael Van de Poppe

Here's a huge bounce from VRA. The daily candle looks good, too. Around 9500 lies the crucial resistance, if i ...

  Dec 7, 2021
Crashing Cryptocurrencies are Trending in Australia

Australians are talking about cryptocurrency crashes. A quarter of Aussie crypto investors hold Cardano (ADA). ...

  Dec 7, 2021
The Unapologetic Crypto & Bitcoin Bull: Lark Davis

I am an unapologetic unrelenting Bitcoin and crypto bull. There is no greater opportunity for you to create we ...

  Dec 6, 2021
UNCX Token Debut is One Day Away!

Another day closer to UNCX token's debut! It's official, will be online soon. According to the recent tweet th ...

  Dec 6, 2021
If Bitcoin is Gold 2.0, Ethereum is Bitcoin 2.0

According to bitcoin pumpers, Bitcoin(BTC) is a better store of value than gold since its price has increased ...

  Dec 6, 2021
Ran NeuNer List Down Reasons of Market Dump

Ran NeuNer (Host CNBC Crypto Trader & founder crypto Banter)  outlines the reasons market dump : Exce ...

  Dec 4, 2021
Are you familiar with Aether Crypto tokenomics?

Are you aware of Aether Crypto's tokenomics? In January 2022, Aether will launch a blockchain satellite! ATH i ...

  Dec 4, 2021