Ripple Dumps One Billion in XRP, Community Callous

Zain  |  Apr 1, 2020

The first day of April, and ripple has binned XRP from its escrow wallet, a vast 1 billion coins. Ever since 2020 started, this amount was withdrawn in two attempts of 500 million XRP each. The community is pretty certain this would lead to yet another drop in the price.

XRP put out a tweet, and people made their feelings known. However, the community reaction was mostly callous, signifying they have gotten used to it or they are expecting yet another drop.

January 2018 was the golden period for the third-largest cryptocurrency, in which it witnessed its all-time high of $3. Ever since then, they have failed to come even close to it.

XRP Would Never Hit Those Heights Again

The cynics are out in full voice and are ridiculing the XRP faithful who are still sticking to it. They believe that those holding on to the third-largest cryptocurrency in the hope that one day it would take centre stage and make leaps towards recording another high are just plain delusional. XRP currently at the time of writing is trading at $0.173095 on Coinmarketcap.

And you are still holding it.

The XRP community's sceptical outlook is evident, and they can't be blamed for it. The regular releases by XRP done by Ripple halt the currency even to get close to the $1 mark. A petition regarding the same was filed by 'Crypto_Bitlord' on who wanted ripple to change its ways. However, it seems he was not successful in his pursuit as he left his Twitter account a few days ago stating he has had enough.

Interestingly, what followed next was another petition on the same platform, asking ripple to bump more coins into the mix in order to accelerate adoption, ergo, leading to a massive price surge.

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