Axie Infinity Undergoes Alterations, Community Divides into Supporters and Critics Pulling Down AXS and SLP Prices

Sahaj  |  Oct 16, 2021

The recent changes in Axie Infinity have resulted in the division of its community into supporters and critics ultimately affecting the price of AXS, which is changing hands at $127.3 at the time of writing, marking a fall of over 7%. Axie Infinity is undoubtedly the most popular NFT game in the crypto ecosystem and its developers recently revealed that fighting monsters were the most traded NFT collection of all time and thanked the players for this achievement.

Axie Infinity Announces Update Giving Rise to Controversies 

Just after two weeks following the publishing of the blog post, the Axie Infinity team made an announcement of the 1.1.0a update, with alterations to the dynamics of the game, and this part was not too pretty for some. 

The Axie Infinity has fundamentally implemented some changes to the Ronin Block Explorer along with some bug fixes. Also, it is important to remember that recently, Jeff Zirlin, has revealed that the team was working on a DEX to facilitate the exchange of tokens inside the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the new update will be making it possible for the players to invite their friends to battle. The developers have been quite busy trying to tweak the tokenomics of the game.

AXS and SLP Prices React to the Update

AXS seems to have shown a reaction in prices as it has reacted well overall as there was a drop in prices following the announcement. 

The governance token has remained above the EMA20 since September 28, giving signs of bullish momentum among the markets. 

On the other hand, SLP is the token that the players receive as a reward for winning battles or executing daily tasks. It has been noticed that the price of SLP has been below the EMA20 since July 28, and is currently changing hands at $0.07.

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