Baidu Owned iQiyi Enters a New Partnership With NKN

Zain  |  Apr 14, 2020

iQiyi, one of the largest video platforms, owned by Baidu is entering a new partnership with New Kind of Network (NKN), a public blockchain that enables bandwidth sharing, to enhance their customer experience.

The newly sealed deal would help iQiyi, the Beijing based company to improve it's buffering speed, cut down on energy consumption and limit network congestion by using NKN's peer-to-peer structure.

According to NKN,  the deal with the Baidu owned company is a step in the right direction to develop the two most in-demand and innovative technology in the world right now, blockchain and edge computing.

Zheng "Bruce Li, the co-founder of NKN stated that the prime focus of the company is to enable sharing of bandwidth and improving internet connectivity by making development in the network infrastructure.

According to the co-founder,  the coming together of blockchain and edge computing technologies together can elevate them further. Edge computing is used in AR/VR and game streaming etc and it not only saves bandwidth but better the response time too.

A trial was conducted on April 1, in which a significant rise was noted in caching savings. Information is kept in the form of a short term computer memory which can be retrieved when needed.

Baidu's iQiyi came into existence on April 10 and has a huge fan basset with over 500 million followers and Wikipedia states that almost six billion hours are spent each month on its service. The 'micro-hosting network management' of NKN would be put to use through this deal.

The Partnership Between iQiyi And NKN Eye-Catching

The inked deal between the two innovative tech giants appears futuristic and the integration of blockchain and edge computing could help improve internet bandwidth and enhance data storage methods.

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