Bakkt Cash Makes its Way to Coffee Giants Starbucks

Zain  |  Mar 17, 2020

Starbucks mobile users will soon be offering its customers to order their favourite cup of coffee via digital assets. The intercontinental exchange Bakkt cash did make it known that the colossal coffee company is looking to figure a way to include crypto payments.

Adam White, the president of Bakkt. Announced today about the successful integration of Bakkat on Starbucks.

As global markets shed trillions of dollars, empowering consumers with new spending power more important than ever

In a fund, one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies that Bakkt is managed to raise recently $300 million dollar. A huge compliment and achievement in turbulent times like these where people have lost faith in every asset. The virus from Wuhan has caused an absolute meltdown and the economical chips are clipped.  The funds would be utilized to buy software for further development of the Bakkt app.

However, the new feature on Starbucks is still in the development phase and only its beta version is out yet for the customers to test. Eventually, it would be given out to every customer but for now, the customers would have to sign up and settle only for the beta version of bakkt cash of the new payment integration.

“We are currently conducting a limited test for our customers, using the Bakkt payment method. Customers can see Bakkt as an option but the test is only available at this time.”

The selected users might have to wait a while as due to the corona outbreak Starbucks has closed all its locations to eat in. Only the takeaway orders are allowed until coronavirus catastrophe cools down.

Bakkt Breaks Through The Economical Shackles

The living hell cryptocurrencies are enduring right now, it is a sight for the sore eyes that Bakkt is pulling itself and not getting thrown off the deep end like the rest of them. It manages to raise funds in the current plight that even though people’s faith has flinched, but it has not faded in the virtual assets.

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