Best Altcoin Exchanges That Provide Trading Services For Most Crypto Coins

Javeria  |  Mar 6, 2020

Looking forward to buy altcoins in India but don't know which platform to trust? If that's the case, then you've come to the right place. In this article, you will get to know about the best platforms to buy Altcoins in worldwide that are not only secure but offer the maximum number of cryptocurrencies.

What Do You Understand By A Crypto Exchange?


A cryptocurrency exchange allows the investors to sell, buy and trade digital currencies for both fiat to crypto or crypto to crypto exchanges. Now that you are looking for the best platforms to buy altcoins in India, one of the necessary things you would look out for is the number of altcoins offered in the Exchange. Although security and functionality should be the priority of anyone looking to trade in cryptocurrencies, how much crypto coins are being offered is also one of the significant factors to consider.

What To Look For Before Joining A Cryptocurrency Exchange?


Don't know what to check in a cryptocurrency exchange? Here are the basic and essential factors you must review before you start trading cryptocurrencies in an Exchange.

Reviews - If you are looking forward to a trustworthy crypto exchange, the best way is to go through its reviews. Make sure you check all the reviews and experiences from industry leaders as well as individuals. For further surety, you can also send you queries to crypto forums like BitcoinTalk or Reddit.

Charges - Don't forget to check the fee-related information of the Exchange which you can find on their respected websites. If you are new to the sector, do a little research on various types of fees including that charged on withdrawal, deposit and transaction. Note that fees differ from Exchanges to Exchanges.

Available Payment Options - Before you start trading in an Exchange, it is a must for you to check what payment methods are available on the platform. The less the number of payment options available, the less convenient it would be for you. Also, you need to decide which payment method would be faster as well as safe. For example, if you'll use your credit card to purchase the cryptocurrencies, there would be higher chances of fraud as it requires identity verification. And if you'll use wire transfer as a mode of payment, you will need to wait a little longer as the banks take time to process the transaction.

Verification - Most of the Altcoin Exchanges need verification to process deposits as well as withdrawals. Although there are a few who will let you trade anonymously, you must take some pain and get through verification if you want a trustworthy platform. Verifying the details of customers, protect the trading platforms from any scam and money laundering schemes.

Accessibility - Some functions offered by exchanges are often limited to certain countries. So you need to make sure that the Exchange you are going to join offers complete access to its functions and tools in your area.

List Of The Five Best Altcoin Exchanges Worldwide


With a wide range of Crypto Exchanges available today, it is not easy to choose the one that is best in every possible way. While it's your decision to make, we could at least help you shortlist one of the most reliable crypto trading platforms available in the world. Let's get started with the best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the world, which offers excellent functionality as well as exceptional security measures with user-friendly platforms.





The Malta-based Cryptocurrency Exchange raised 15,000,000 USD in its ICO on 21st July 2017. Binance is the top and most famous exchange that has grown rapidly since its ICO. The Exchange has more than 190 Altcoins listed on its platform for trade at press time, which are increasing exponentially day by day.

The centralized Exchange also provides a decent discount for those who trade using its native cryptocurrency, BNB coins. Users around the world can use Binance Global platform to trade in cryptocurrencies except those living in the USA and Singapore. The users of USA and Singapore can sign up for the Exchange on the platform available in their country, i.e. and Binance Singapore.

Binance Global platform provides 10% off on trading fees on sign up for its Global users except those residing in the USA. USA users get $15 for registering on the Binance USA platform whereas the users of Singapore can avail up to 100 SGD by successfully registering on their Native exchange platform, Binance SG.

2. Bitmex




Developed by a talented group of high-frequency traders, economists and web developers, BitMex is a high volume cryptocurrency exchange. The best thing about BitMex Exchange is that you will never face liquidity issues with your crypto assets.

Although the primary currency supported by the Exchange is Bitcoin, it also provides services for altcoins including Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple etc.

You can register for the crypto trading platform using your email ID and get started.

3. Bitfinex




Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, Bitfinex is one of the largest crypto trading platforms in terms of its users and volume. The Exchange charges 0.1% fees for makers and 0.2% for takers, which is quite decent as compared to other platforms. The only limitation you'll find here is that it is not available for US users and some other countries.

Apart from the industry's leading cryptocurrency, the Exchange provides trading for various altcoins. Some of the top altcoins it supports are Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Zcash, EOS, Ripple, IOTA, Bcash, Ethereum Classic and many more.

Unlike other Altcoin exchanges, here you are allowed to trade using USD with wire fees starting from $20. The trading fees for various altcoins vary from 0.1% to 0.8%. It also charges the users for withdrawal and deposit.

Furthermore, Bitfinex offers many advanced trading tools such as stop order, limit orders, fill or kill, trailing stop, TWAP with various market charts. Once, you'll register for the crypto trading platform you will need to verify your identity which can take up to 20 business days to get validated. Besides the web version of Bitfinex, you can also use its user's friendly mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

4. Coinbase




Unlike many other famous Exchanges, Coinbase is a brokerage which lets you buy crypto assets directly from the platform instead of other users. The crypto trading platform is based in San Francisco, California and is considered as a beginner-friendly exchange because of its simple user interface.

Coinbase offers 1.49% trading fees if you'll buy directly from the bank and 3.99% fees for purchasing through credit and debit cards.

As a brokerage, Coinbase's trading fees are low if compared to other Exchanges; hence it is a decent option for crypto traders.

5. ChangeNow


change now


ChangeNow is a non-custodial exchange which is why it is preferred as one of the best options to get a hold of Bitcoins as well as altcoins. If you are looking for an exchange where you won't have to go through unnecessarily long verification procedures, then this is the one for you. The trading platform provides trading services for more than 200 Altcoins and even fiat pairs such as USD/EUR.

ChangeNow has a user-friendly and straightforward interface with many advanced features available on the platform. ChangeNow helps you get the best price on crypto trading by connecting you to one of the most reliable crypto exchanges in the market.

It can take up to 2 to 20 minutes to process your crypto-to-crypto Exchange. You can trade in Cryptocurrencies on ChangeNow platform using your VISA or Master cards. Make sure you have a wallet for receiving new coins.

Best Altcoin Exchanges


Things To Remember


So, these were some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges you can use to buy Altcoins of your choice. These exchanges support almost all of the altcoins anyone would be interested in. However, if you want, you can also check some of the other famous crypto exchanges out there.

One of the most important things we would like to suggest is not to use these exchanges for Hodl' ng your cryptocurrencies. There's no issue if you want to store your Altcoins in these exchanges for some hours or days but make sure you won't make it a practice.

Crypto exchanges are prone to large-scale hacks like the one that happened with Mt. Gox, which is why it is recommended not to use these exchanges as a wallet to store your assets. Instead, you can use a wallet like Atomic or Ledger Nano S that allows you to have control over your private keys.

Which Crypto Exchange Is Ideal For You?


Finding the best Altcoin exchange that fits all your needs can be really painful as well as an exhausting process. While you would have to decide it yourself which altcoin exchange is ideal for you, this article can help you shortlist the best crypto exchanges available in your area that can be trusted and provides the maximum functionality at the same time. There are various measures you need to consider before registering for a particular platform that includes the trading charges, security, reputation of the Exchange, verification procedure etc. If you are not satisfied with any of the exchanges mentioned above, remember that you don't need to stick to using only one crypto trading platform.

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