7 Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers to Help Investors

Sahaj  |  Sep 5, 2021

The Crypto Industry and the prices of cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly booming these days, and there are several factors behind this surge. Investors are purchasing Bitcoins, DeFis tokens, and altcoins massively. These purchased assets are being stored in specific crypto wallets. Although this procedure is simple, suitable, and comfortable for those who just want to purchase cryptocurrency and have a look at the LTP (last trading price) of the currency, there is a difficulty for those who want to become a pro at trading. 

Being a crypto investor myself, I have faced problems in keeping a track of the assets’ returns and the valuation of my portfolio. For me, a perfect investing platform must have the features such as showcasing the returns of an asset, the average buying price for a coin, the total amount of money invested, and the current value of the portfolio. However, to eliminate the use of Excel sheets and going through numerous entries, and keeping a track of my investment metrics, I looked for options already available in the space. I am talking about Crypto Portfolio Trackers, which are an important tool for investors, as they allow users to keep track of their investments. 

Want to know the best crypto portfolio trackers? Well, here in this article, I have shortlisted the 7 best cryptocurrency portfolio managers to choose from. Go ahead, and do not settle for anything but the best crypto portfolio manager.

Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers in 2021

The selection procedure for the best crypto tracker is based on the design and development of the app, the user experience, the availability of features, and how they are distinct from other portfolio trackers.

FTX or BlockFolio

With a user base of over 6 million people utilizing this app, BlockFolio (now called FTX) is considered the best crypto portfolio app. It started back in the year 2014 and managed to grab a fair share of the crypto tracking market in the 2017 bull run. Along with being lucky back then, It was also good at providing services to its customers. BlockFolio is now owned by FTX, a popular crypto exchange, and hence, it now provides the user with the ability to buy/sell crypto stocks from the application directly.


  1. FTX comes with an impeccable mobile-first design
  2. The app extends support to over 10,000 crypto assets and more than 15 exchanges
  3. Additionally, it has got a project intelligence tool that is named Signal, and it is in charge of gathering news and other necessary data on our starred projects
  4. Allowance of setting up Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other supported assets’ price alerts
  5. Availability to see coin charts
  6. Both for iOS and Android 
  7. Weaknesses:

    1. Being an application only developed for mobile, FTX is not available to use for desktop
    2. Other crypto tracking applications provide more crypto account connections than FTX
    3. CoinStats

      CoinStats has a user base of over 500,000 users. It is a famous and thoroughly established cryptocurrency portfolio tracker as it claims to track more than $5 billion in cryptocurrency on its platform. The availability of CoinStats on several platforms is what makes it unique and distinct from other platforms. Moreover, with CoinStats, the user gets the facility to link all wallets and exchanges to his respective CoinStats account. 



      1. CoinStats extends support to almost all the major crypto wallets available in the market 
      2. It allows the user to calculate profit loss for a coin by noting all the transactions
      3. Consists of the broadest selections of cryptocurrency account connections
      4. Weaknesses

        1. After a couple of transactions, the services are chargeable 
        2. Heavy fees to pay for acquiring pro and premium accounts ($3.49/month and $13.99 respectively)
        3. CoinMarketCap

          It is inevitable for anyone involved with cryptocurrencies to not know about CoinMarketCap. It is undoubtedly the most popular cryptocurrency market analyzer. However, only a few people are aware of the fact that CoinMarketCap also offers a feature of tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. Talking about the reviews of this application, it has over 8.5k user ratings and rated 4.4 stars out of 2,000 ratings on the Play Store.



          1. Users are provided with the ability to access their respective portfolio in over 90 fiat currencies
          2. Gives the authority to choose from more than 2,000 crypto coins
          3. Users will be able to track the performance of their crypto portfolio based on the data provided officially by the CoinMarketCap
          4. Buy/Sell convenience 
          5. An additional feature to add notes makes it the best crypto portfolio manager
          6. Weaknesses

            1. In-app bugs and Coinmarketcap’s negligence toward them
            2. Reload-failures witnessed, requires re-opening of the app for proper functioning
            3. Unavailability of the web version
            4. CoinTracking 

              CoinTracking is yet another crypto portfolio tracker that is available both on the web and as a mobile app for iOS and Android. The website version allows its users to check their present portfolio balance along with the data to assist them in making wiser decisions in terms of purchasing/selling their coins at the right time. It is certainly the best way to track cryptocurrency portfolios.



              1. Ability to import data from exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and others
              2. Integrated support for more than 4,000 unique digital coins 
              3. Allowance to use API access for automatically entering trades
              4. Accurate historical price action charts for all available coins
              5. Easy preparation of tax reports
              6. Weaknesses

                1. The old-fashioned dashboard gives a feel of a website built in the 90s
                2. Requirement of the premium version to do a significant number of trades
                3. The Mobile version does not have many features
                4. Does not support ICOs
                5. Delta

                  Delta is often considered an alternative to Blockfolio (now FTX), as it has notably more to offer than FTX and is contemplated as one of the best crypto portfolio trackers. Founded back in the year 2017, Delta managed to acquire millions of users and at present, it has a user base of hundreds of thousands of customers. What matters most in the case of Delta is, the community behind Delta is devoted to its development. As claimed by the officials, the users can expect features like advanced alerts, API sync, order books, and much more. It should be noted that Delta was acquired by eToro in 2019, and currently, both the firms are working to include stocks in the Delta app.


                  1. Beautifully designed and highly operable crypto tracker
                  2. Provides detailed knowledge on news and projects
                  3. Extends support to 24 exchanges and 14 wallets
                  4. Availability of price action alert system 
                  5. Pro version of the app allows the user to manage up to 10 distinct portfolios
                  6. Supports both Android and iOS.
                  7. The user can choose from more than 5,000 crypto coins
                  8. An added feature of personal crypto portfolio graph that keeps a track of the user’s investment strategy
                  9. Weaknesses

                    1. No desktop version available for Delta
                    2. Way too many limitations in the Delta Basic version
                    3. The pro version of Delta costs around $58.99/year 
                    4. The latest version of the app is full of bugs
                    5. Charts may show glitches, need to double-check prices 
                    6. Cryptocompare

                      Being in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, you must have heard of Cryptocompare as it is a popular community and offers a portfolio management app. This crypto tracker is free, and it supports over 140 exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Gemini, and Kraken. Though Cryptocompare is available in both web and mobile app versions, the user interface of their web version is quite impressive, which makes it one of the best crypto portfolio trackers.



                      1. The user will have the option to create more than one portfolio
                      2. Ability to choose from over 5,300 crypto coins
                      3. Appealing price charts and graphs along with the option to add notes
                      4. Users can view balances in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and fiat
                      5. Equipped with the feature of Risk Analysis 
                      6. An added feature to track the latest news in the crypto space
                      7. Cloud storage 
                      8. Weaknesses

                        1. In-app bugs
                        2. There is a difference in prices on the desktop version and the mobile app
                        3. Zerion Defi Portfolio Tracking

                          If you are investing in Defi through Argent, Metamask, or any other wallet that extends support to decentralized finance, then Zerion is the platform you need to track the gains or losses of your portfolio. Introduced in the year 2016, Zerion allows its users to manage their DeFi portfolio across multiple accounts. In addition to managing your portfolios, you will be able to invest in Decentralized Finance tokens and even borrow funds. 



                          1. Supports popular wallets including Argent, Metamask, TrustWallet, Walletconnect supported wallet, and Coinbase wallet
                          2. Impeccable design and easy-to-use platform (won the Best UX award among Ethereum apps in 2019)
                          3. Zerion possess a broad coverage of Defi particular functionality 
                          4. Constant addition of new and updated integrations 
                          5. Trading of assets allowed on the platform 
                          6. Available for both Android and iOS users
                          7. Weaknesses

                            1. It only tracks Ethereum and Defi assets
                            2. Does not support all the protocols in DeFi verticals
                            3. Does not extend support to the largest currency market agreement in the field of Defi Aave
                            4. Conclusion

                              Well, you are now equipped with enough knowledge on the 7 best Crypto Portfolio Trackers according to me. There are a lot of other options available in the market to choose from apart from the above-mentioned portfolio trackers, and the choice is ultimately yours. 

                              Every crypto portfolio tracker present in the market is possessed with specific advantages and disadvantages over the other platforms. Though some of the products mentioned in the article are solid and offer a lot of features to their customers, there is not something that can be considered perfect. There are always technological developments and advancements going on when it comes to products related to crypto. 

                              Using crypto portfolio trackers for tracking the momentum of cryptocurrencies, amid so much uncertainty in the market, is not just a good idea but one of the smartest things you can do in your crypto investment journey.

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