Reviews Of Best Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets With Pros And Cons

Javeria  |  Mar 16, 2020

The chief purpose behind the invention of cryptocurrency is to provide everyone with full control of their own money so that they won’t have to rely on banks and institutions for it. Cryptocurrency enables you to send or receive money without the interference of a bank or any other institution. Developed by an anonymous programmer, Satoshi Nakamoto, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin has taken the world by storm by giving everyone an alternative to the fiat currency controlled by the governments. Now that you are your own bank, you need to make sure that your money stays safe by protecting your private keys appropriately. For that, you need a digital wallet, not only to store your keys but to enable users to access, receive, sent and store digital currencies. In this article, we are going to list down some of the best multi cryptocurrency wallet reviews which you can trust for storing your cryptos.

There are different kinds of multi cryptocurrency wallets for mobile, multi cryptocurrency wallets for desktop as well as hardware wallets and the user-customizable paper wallets. In this article, we are going to help you choose the top cryptocurrency wallet apps suitable for your needs and give you genuine reviews about them all.

Reviews for Best Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets



Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S


Ledger Nano S is a crypto hardware wallet that is rated as the top digital wallet for cryptocurrency. The USB sized hardware wallet for cryptocurrency is top-rated and comes with exceptional features and functionality as compared to any other types of crypto wallets which cover its high cost. If you are looking for a crypto wallet with exemplary features in terms of the privacy and security of your keys, then Ledger Nano S is the solution.

The only drawback of the wallet is that it is a bit costly; otherwise, there is nothing else that could possibly be an issue given that the device is unhackable hence very safe to use. Furthermore, as it is a hardware wallet, there would be no security issues of losing private keys or getting it hacked or exposed to the web. The hardware wallet supports more than 40 cryptocurrencies and can also blend with other software wallets to provide you with a heavenly experience.

Atomic wallet

Atomic wallet


Atomic wallet, unlike ledger nano S, is one of the best multi-cryptocurrency wallets for Desktop. The software wallet for cryptocurrency supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and can be accessed on almost all computing devices including that running on Windows, Android, macOS and Linux. The Atomic wallet has a user-friendly interface that lets you manage, buy, exchange or store cryptocurrencies easily. The wallet also enables you to have the completed control of your cryptocurrencies.

One of the best things about this wallet is that it does not store the user’s private keys in its servers, but the keys are instead stored in user’s devices only. So it can be said that you are in full control of your funds with Atomic wallet. Furthermore, the wallet also provides you with a second layer of protection with a unique mnemonic seed phrase. This phrase helps you control access to your crypto account.

Though atomic wallet is packed with top features, the fact that cannot be ignored easily is that it is unregulated. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the crypto wallet.




  • Over 300 cryptocurrencies supported
  • Option for credit card purchase available
  • No registration required
  • Non-custodial
  • High security of private keys as it is not stored on servers
  • Mnemonic seed phrase provides another layer of protection


    • High charges on credit card purchases
    • Cannot be integrated with hardware wallets
    • App not available on Google Playstore
    • Atomic swap function only supported for a few cryptos
    • No 2FA security features available

      Guarda Wallet

      Guarda wallet


      Guarda is another online multi cryptocurrency wallet that is available on the Web, Desktop (MacOS, Windows, Linux), Chrome Extension and Mobile (IOS and Android) platforms and supports a load of cryptocurrencies. It also provides non-custodial services to let its users send, receive or store crypto without registration.

      Presently, Guarda is supporting over 45 blockchains and 10,000 tokens that include, Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin etc. Built-in services let users buy and exchange crypto without leaving the wallet.

      Guarda Wallet has rated among the top crypto digital wallets because of its versatility and security features. So if you are looking for a crypto wallet that is not only affordable but supports multiple platforms with loads of compelling features, then Guarda is your best bet. Given below are the pros and cons of Guarda Wallet that will help you summarize its benefits for you.


      • Compatible with most operating systems including Windows, Linux, macOS, Mobile, Web and Browser
      • User-friendly interface
      • Smooth transactions with build-in exchange
      • Credit Card purchases accepted
      • Supports loads of cryptocurrencies
      • Does not store your private keys
      • Open Source


        • High exchange rates
        • Not recommended for swap fees and in-wallet purchases




          CoinPayments is a web-based digital cryptocurrency wallet that is currently supporting over 1,200 cryptos. Found in 2013, the Canada-based crypto wallet company has more than 2,000,000 vendors across the world.

          CoinPayments is a Canadian company offering payment processing services for cryptocurrencies since 2013. With CoinPayment wallets, merchants also get the ability to integrate shopping cart plugins which is why it is even considered as one of the most popular crypto payment processing service among businesses.


          • Supports thousands of cryptocurrencies
          • Affordable fees
          • Includes Vault to secure your funds from hackers


            Despite so many benefits of Coinpayments wallet, the 2017 ripple break-in has put everyone in doubt about its authenticity. Some users also complain of some errors in the platform and that the platfrom has compromised its security.

            Many CoinPayments users lost their funds due to the break-in that happened in 2017, which lowered down its position as the top crypto wallet. However, this is the only cons till now seen, and if you are ready to ignore it, the wallet is not that bad. You can use CoinPayments for small savings, but if you are looking forward to long term investment, it would be better if you’ll choose a hardware wallet that provides comparatively more secure services.

            Exodus Wallet


            If you are new to cryptocurrency and looking for an easy-to-use crypto wallet to secure your funds, then Exodus is worth a try. Exodus is considered as the best multi-cryptocurrency wallet for mobile as well as desktop devices. The wallet supports more than a hundred of cryptocurrencies including Zcash, Ripple, Ethereum, Dash and many more. It is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

            Exodus doesn’t store the user’s private keys in its servers as the keys are stored on your devices only. It also prevents users from wasting time to download the whole blockchain on their devices, making the setup quick and easy.

            The Pros and Cons of the digital wallet are given below:




            • Excellent and user-friendly interface 
            • Multiple Support Channels
            • Provides proper Email Support
            • Built-in trading feature available
            • Cons


              • Lacks customer Network fees
              • The wallet is not entirely open-source
              • Security flaws such as lack of two-factor authentication
              • Which Crypto Wallet is Best | Final Verdict

                multicryptocurrency wallet reviews


                These were some of the top-rated crypto wallets by users in terms of the platform’s interface, security and other such features. However, the list is not just limited to it, and it depends on your needs which digital wallet would be best for you. For example, if you wish to invest in a couple of cryptocurrencies but for long-term, we would suggest you go with hardware wallets as they are more secure in comparison to other types. For storing a meagre amount of funds, multi-platfrom digital wallets are recommended as they are relatively inexpensive and sometimes free too. They offer support for dozens to thousands of cryptocurrencies with loads of features and is not bad in terms of security either. These types of wallets are compatible with web, desktop, and mobile devices and let you store your private keys on your device’s only. These bitcoin wallet reviews for android, ios are based on thorough research and testing but if you feel like we are missing out something, feel free to inform us about it.

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