Bitcoin Community Hits 3000+ Members on Github
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Bitcoin Community Hits 3000+ Members on Github

January 25, 2020      Javeria

As per the data, the member count of Bitcoin Github community has gone past 3,000. However, only 2,800 members are tracked yet. 

Github is an online developer hub for experts and amateurs who can join forces and manage projects, review codes and build software together. The place allows developers to take apart any code and then thoroughly investigate, study or improve it.

With a platform like (Github), it is hard to imagine that the concept of digital currencies did not attract the developers’ attention. Bitcoin, in particular, stands high in regard among all other currencies because of its assuring and distinctive nature that holds the strength to change the financial world.

Rise In the Bitcoin Github Community

As per the data on 24th Jan, it seems that the Bitcoin Github community somehow managed to cross 2,800 members. However, according to a community member of Reddit, the real numbers of Bitcoin developers on Github are over 3,000.

It is not easy to track the exact number of member in any community including that of Bitcoin Github community because many of them are not trackable or others can be counted more than once due to varied reason. Despite not having an exact track of members in the Bitcoin GitHub community, according to the GitGitRun data, it is clearly visible that the contributors of the community are rising continuously.

The fact to notice here is that more and more developers are getting interested in Bitcoin and improve its technology which is essential to increase its reliability and accessibility.

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