Bitcoin Motionless Around $40K, Solana Rises 14%, Ethereum Touches $2.4K Mark

Sahaj  |  Jul 30, 2021

As Bitcoin is holding strongly near the $40K level, altcoins such as Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Uniswap, and Ripple are showing impressive gains. As for the flagship cryptocurrency, after rising $6,000 in a few days, the price of Bitcoin has halted around the coveted $40K mark. 

Bitcoin Not Responding at $40K Level, Ethereum and Solana Surges

The altcoins have been witnessing a lot of increase in the past few days as the bulls are behind these coins.

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, slipped to $1,720 last week, but amid the bull run, it has added approximately $700 of value. Earlier today, it registered a six-week high of around $2,460 on some exchanges. 

Though it has backtracked a bit, the price of Etheruem still stands strong at the mark of $2,400. 

As for other coins in the market such as Binance Coin, Cardano, Litecoin, Polkadot, and Dogecoin, they are all up by 2%, 2%, 1.5%, 3%, and 1% each. 

Also, it should be noted that cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Unocoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Chainlink have marked gains of over 5-6% in a day. Solana is the biggest gainer, adding around 14% to its price and surges to $32. 

BTC Struggling at Crucial Resistance Level

After recovering for a week or so, the flagship cryptocurrency is struggling at the mark of $40K. Besides, it has significantly added around $10,000 in days. 

Though the asset failed to break through the resistance level despite all the attempts of the bulls to push the price of the cryptocurrency, it is not falling below the $39K level.

As a matter of fact, the price of BTC has kind of settled just below the level of $40K and its market capitalization has been stagnant at $750 billion. Moreover, its market dominance slipping to 47.5%, marking some serious returns over the past 24 hours.

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