Bitcoin Use by Women Vital For Tim Draper Prophecy to Come True

Zain  |  May 10, 2020

Tim Draper, the billionaire and a big advocate of the top cryptocurrency, made an astonishing claim in December 2019 that bitcoin would go beyond $250,000. Recently, he stressed on it again and even stating that this is him being conservative in his approach.

In order for such a blowout of bitcoin to happen in the next  2-3 years, some instrumental trigger should be in place and now that trigger has come forward to stake their claim- women.

Tim Draper has already confirmed it in other interviews that women are the key to bitcoin mass adoption. He stated that they are the one with the most control on finances, shop the most, run the house.

Almost 80 per cent shopping is done by women, and only 1 in 15 own a BTC wallet. It is a matter of time before the floodgates open, as soon as the fairer sex would have the epiphany that paying with bitcoin is cheaper than credit card etc. the tables will turn - said Tim Draper.

Tim Draper Views Receive Backing From Coinshare CSO

The view gets more interesting when CSO of Coinshare Meltem Demirors tweeted and highlighted the facts and the role women can play in bitcoin adoption.

some fun facts:

- 51% of wealth in the US is controlled by women ($21 trillion)

- 96% of women are responsible for financial decisions in their household

Many women joined the conversation and expressed their views, with one saying that in order to get women into the game, basic informational tools are needed and not promotion on tik tok.

They need easy to understand information and tools to make them feel confident in their investment. Women by nature are less “risk takers.”

That’s how nature helped you all survive your childhood.

These numbers put forth by Draper and CoinShare CSO goes on to show that it is pivotal to involve the gender which has the biggest hold on the purse and without the number of a woman using bitcoin growing, mass adoption might stay just a distant dream. It seems bitcoin could also do with a little bit of lady luck.

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