Bitrump Experiences Surge in New User Registration
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Bitrump Experiences Surge in New User Registration

October 31, 2020      Vandana Malik

Bitrump, a UAE based cryptocurrency exchange, has recently experienced a huge surge in new user registration in the month of September 2020. According to the firm, the total number of sign-ups for the previous month sets a new record for the company. This is also the reason why the exchange has gained so much popularity locally and globally. Such a record increase in user registration is also indicating that there has been an acceleration of mainstream crypto adoption across the world. 

Bitrump Opened Altcoin Listings to Enhance User Experience

Xavier Perry, Director of Bitrump, has said that the major focus of the exchange is to provide a complete user-friendly environment for crypto trading. This was meant for all the traders bit the major focus was upon those who are new to this market. The exchange has received a great response from users across the globe. This is the reason why they have experienced such a huge surge in new user registration. 

He also mentioned that the exchange has now opened up itself to the altcoin listing as well, which comes along with the regular update. This helps the exchange to enhance the users’ experience by making the platform scalable and improve the availability of all the advanced trading features. 

Plans to Add More Crypto and Utility Coins

Although, it has been seen that Bitrump has listed many of the leading cryptocurrencies on its platform. The exchange provides favorable prices to the traders as compared to other exchanges in the market. Now it is planning to add some more cryptocurrencies and utility coins as well to its platform. This will help the exchange to diversify the trading options for its users. The major focus of the exchange is to bring a better financial system for the world out there that will be made possible with its growing popularity across the world. 

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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