Blockchain Game Axie Infinity Tops 1 Million Daily Active Users

Jafrin  |  Aug 7, 2021

Ethereum-based video game Axie Infinity has topped 1 million daily active users, according to new figures shared by developer Sky Mavis.

Axie Infinity Reaches 1 Million Daily Active Users

The latest figure is up from 350,000 DAUs in early July, where more than two-thirds of users are on Android, with nearly all the rest on Windows PCs. Meanwhile, the smaller player bases are found on macOS and iOS, with the latter currently only available to testers.

Axie Infinity has seen an enormous surge in players over the last two months, with Mavis previously reported having just over 108,000 daily active users on June 8. The number has more than tripled to over 350,000 users as of July 5 to nearly tripling again over the last month to reach its recent one million mark.

Earlier this year, Axie deployed a Ronin sidechain to minimize Ethereum fees and congestion and began migrating users’ NFT assets to Ronin in late April just before the current boom began.

Axie Infinity Generated More Revenue than Bitcoin

In the month of July, Axie Infinity generated more revenue than Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, Uniswap, and even Ethereum.

While Ethereum blockchain generated $193 million in fees, Bitcoin generated $23 million, Axie generated a revenue of $207 million by taking a 4.25 percent cut for every NFT sale on its marketplace and fees from every breeding transaction.

Similarly, the blockchain game generated more revenue than decentralized exchanges Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and DeFi lending protocol Aave. Going by its current rate, its yearly potential, Axie Infinity could see more than $2 billion in revenue during the coming year.

The valuation of AXS tokens has risen from a price of just $0.59 on January 1 to an all-time high above $52 in late July, a whopping 8,700% increase. At the time of writing, the price sits just above $42.

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