Boxer Floyd Mayweather to Release NFTs Later this Month

Sahaj  |  May 12, 2021

As revealed in the recent announcement, boxer Floyd Mayweather is going to release non-fungible tokens (NFTs) later this month. It has been revealed that the boxer has partnered with three non-fungible token companies, Zytara Labs, IronBend, and Reality Gaming Group for this initiative.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Fight’s NFTs to be Released

Ahead of the fight between boxer Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, the boxer who has now turned to a YouTuber on June 6, the NFTs will be dropped on May 26.

Discussing non-fungible tokens, they are blockchain tokens that are tied to unique digital things and have managed to surge in popularity in recent months.

Apart from the financial giants in the crypto industry itself, several celebrities and personalities have issued non-fungible tokens.

The upcoming NFT by Mayweather will be featuring a limited-edition digital collection including his life and career, including the memorabilia, artwork, and animations from his personal safe.

Al Burgio, the Founder, and CEO of Zytara Labs revealed:

"There will be a digital collection of 5 NFT pieces, including a rare 1 of 1.”

Mayweather addressed that though he may have left the world of boxing, his name will continue to live on, and said:

"Right now, my career is over, but my name will always live on for the things that I did and for the legacy that I left and the mark that I left in sports."

NFT Comes After Settlement with the US SEC over ICO Promotions

Well, as of now it is not clear on which blockchain network the NFTs are going to be based on and on which marketplace they will be sold.

However, it has been revealed that all those details will be disclosed before the sale is going to happen on May 26.

The latest efforts of Mayweather comes after two years following his settlement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission over the promotions of Initial Coin Offerings.

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