Brave Browser to Build Its Own Decentralized Exchange Aggregator

Sahaj  |  Feb 24, 2021

Brave Browser, the creator of Basic Attention Tokens, BAT, wants to encourage people to use them in a Decentralized Exchange Aggregator, DEX. The privacy web browser rewards its users with Basic Attention Tokens and is currently building a brand-new functionality into its platform.

Brave Browser to Create Decentralized Exchange Aggregator

BAT Roadmap 2.0 recently made an announcement that the private web browser is planning to build its own decentralized exchange aggregator, DEX. Brave browser is also planning to replace its existing crypto wallets by introducing a new Brave Wallet.

The latest additions will be extending the reach of the firm beyond just web browsing and into DeFi, decentralized finance. DeFi is an industry of crypto-based protocols that allows its users to earn interests, trade tokens, and lend assets without the involvement of a financial institution.

A decentralized exchange is an online market where trade between two different cryptocurrencies takes place without even the involvement of a third party.

However, an exchange like Coinbase is completely different from a DEX as it stores the cryptocurrency keys of users on their behalf. A DEX, on the other hand, helps the users to find and lock in the best price across multiple exchanges.

Brendan Eich, the CEO and Co-Founder of Brave revealed:

"One of our goals is to make tokens and crypto easy to use for all of our users."

In addition to this, Brendan Eich mentioned custom DEX and said:

"The custom DEX which we plan to explore could help achieve this goal by enabling users to exchange BAT and other assets at lower fees, and with better user interface and security, by being built into Brave."

Opening of New Trading Possibilities 

The platform does have a display of exchanges like, Binance, and Gemini, on its homepage so that the users can connect to their exchange accounts without even logging in.

The model allows people to sell their tokens regardless of any buyer on the other end while making any specific trade.

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