Brave Integrates Open Source Solutions From PhishFort
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Brave Integrates Open Source Solutions From PhishFort

September 9, 2020      Vandana Malik

Brave, a privacy-focused browser has recently integrated open-source anti-phishing solutions from PhishFort. PhishFort is a cybersecurity firm and it aims to help the firms to prevent phishing attacks. In the phishing scams, the attackers generally target the victim in which they ask for several pieces of information that leads to a fake website.

According to Brave browser, the software of the firm will help to detect various crypto scams with the help of new solutions. Along with this, it will also warn all the users if they find any suspicious domains.

Brave revealed very minimal information about integration

It has been noticed that currently, Brave has revealed very minimal information regarding this integration with PhishFort. Back in June, PhishFort released a report in which it was stated that most of the attackers, generally target the app that is quite popular and used by most of the people. It was also stated that the username and password of any crypto-user could be seen as a start of any problem. With this, the phishers tend to exploit several tools that the crypto users mainly use to interface with their crypto.

PhishFort has been helping several crypto-related companies

PhishFort has been helping several crypto-related companies to stay away from the phishing attacks. Back in April, it helped to remove 49 Google Chrome extensions which have been targeting both hardware and software wallet holders with phishing scams. The scammers were attacking these wallet holders to steal their crypto assets. It has been reported a large number of people have lost millions of funds to such phishing scams only. As far as Brave is considered, it has been quite popular among the users for its privacy and ad-blocking features. Currently, the platform is having around 18.3 million of active users.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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