Brave Users to Trade Cryptocurrency Through Binance

Vandana  |  Mar 25, 2020

Brave, the privacy-centred web browser has announced its partnership with Binance on Tuesday i.e. March 24. Through this partnership the users of Brave browser will be able to trade cryptocurrency through Binance. Brave combines privacy with Binance and digital advertising platform which is based on blockchain.

Brave to offer integrated functionality for cryptocurrency

On Brave’s desktop browser, there will be a completely new Binance widget on the new tab page.  Through this widget the users will also have access to and its website which is for the US users. Without leaving the browser, the users will be able to view asset balance, buy & sell crypto assets and a lot more.

This Binance widget is a multi-tasking tool for all Brave users as it provides different options. The users can operate their cryptocurrencies that will include trading, buying, viewing summaries and depositing.

There are different cryptocurrencies that are supported by Binance which may include Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin and many others. 

Binance widget preserves user’s privacy

Binance widget is a remotely embedded document that helps to protect the privacy of the users. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance has said that this widget makes the safer way to buy and sell crypto for the users.

According to Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave, this partnership is also making crypto trading much simpler for the users which are nor very much familiar with it. The users will be able to do all the crypto transactions with ease.

Zhao has also said that he wishes to have a long-term partnership with Brave in future. Through this partnership, they will provide the easiest platform to the users for interaction with cryptocurrency and its trading.

For general desktop, this feature will be available in April and for those who have Brave’s Nightly desktop can have access to it instantly. Although there is no information about the availability of this feature for mobile platforms. It will be announced soon.

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