Cardano Blockchain Set to Implement Goguen Update
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Cardano Blockchain Set to Implement Goguen Update

November 27, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

IOHK recently published a new format for updating the developments of Goguen. Cardano revealed that every 2 weeks a new video update will be revealed on Goguen with Dimitris Poulopoulos, Goguen Project Manager, and Volodymyr Hulchenko, Cardano Project Manager. In the most recent update, Cardano’s two project managers updated on the progress of the Goguen update.

Cardano Shares Progress on Goguen Update

Cardano’s new format on updating the development of Goguen comes amid the community wanting to see a larger view on the progress of different projects on the entire Cardano ecosystem, specifically regarding Goguen. Besides, users can also expect what is between each update due to the developer team sharing roadmaps.

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Cardano’s Goguen update will bring smart contracts and natives tokens on top of the Cardano blockchain. Project manager, Volodymyr Hulchenko said that the node teams are working towards adding native tokens, also on the token locking feature.

The project developers of Goguen have also implemented basic CLI syntax, for users familiar with the command and structure of native tokens.

Dimitris Poulpoulous, another project manager, updated that the team is close to opening up the pre-production environment. This will result in creating and distributing native tokens on Cardano. He further provided details on the ERC20 converter to enable managing tokens on the Cardano blockchain while migrating tokens from other blockchains.

Goguen Era to Implement in Q1 2021

Cardano released a roadmap last month revealing that the Goguen era will be implemented in Q1 2021. This will likely happen when the native token will be deployed to a test environment followed by the pre-production stage.

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Meanwhile, the developer team is also looking into finalizing the cost model of Plutus that will power the smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. The team is mainly looking towards the Plutus background to allow developers to work on an emulated version of Cardano.

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