Cardano CEO Denies The Claims Of Ethereum 2.0 Copying Cardano

Javeria  |  Jan 30, 2020

The CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, denied the claims of Ehtereum 2.0 copying Cardano. Hoskinson noted in his tweet that both projects follow divergent paths and there’s no similarity between the two. The claim of two projects being similar was first made by Tradefeedz (a Reddit user). After experiencing Ethereum 2.0, Tradefeedz found it highly similar to ADA. He particularly claimed Ethereum 2.0 for copying Cardano's epoch architecture and slot.

Following Cardano’s robust technological development and deals with governments and corporates, Santiment described Cardoano as the most diligent project of 2019. Not only Santiment but financial services company, Weiss Ratings also entitled the ADA as the most underestimated digital asset. Although Hoskinson has denied the claims on Ethereum 2.0, there could be more problems ahead of the launch. 

Investors Believe Cardano Will Hit All-time Highs Once Again

Cardano’s growth is evident from its price moment, which has secured a placed in the top ten coins before returning. According to Google’s data, people’s growing interest in the asset is visible by its search on Google. Recently, most of the project’s development has been in corporate partnerships. Cardano announced a partnership with PwC in recent days to concentrate on product marketing. Hoskinson confirmed a few days back about Cardano to undergo hard fork in next month. He further assured the users that the infrastructure is ready, and everything is going smoothly. 

By all means, ADA is growing rapidly with the team forging new partnerships to drive its adoption worldwide. However, the costs have dropped by 90% in the last two years. At the start of 2018, Cardano price reached an all-time high at $1.33; the current value is dropped by 90% to $0.050. In spite of the falls, investors seem to believe in Cardano and that if it keeps growing, the prices will reach all-time highs once again.

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