Cardano Foundation Announces the launch of Developer Portal

Divya  |  Jul 14, 2021

Cardano Foundation has announced the launch of its Developer Portal, which will make it easier than ever to build on its blockchain. The organization published a series of tweets on July 12 that described the portal’s purpose and the “brand new content and resources.” 

Created by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform that was launched in 2017, with its native token ADA named after English mathematician and writer Ada Lovelace. Cardano is touted as far more sustainable and scalable in comparison with proof-of-work networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have encountered criticism for their carbon footprint.

Cardano Developer Portal is Packed With New Features

The newly launched portal comes packed with features that allow developers to leverage the network’s capabilities in their projects. The portal’s offerings that stood out the most include the ability to integrate Cardano Wallet into websites and applications, easier creation of NFTs and tokens minus the smart contracts, and transaction tracking through embedded metadata, which has many use cases.

To mark the occasion, Cardano minted the world’s first-ever Non-Fungible Tokens of Appreciation(NFTAs), featuring developers from its community showing their enthusiasm with a thumb-up gesture.

Sidney Vollmer, head of Brand and Communications at Cardano Foundation, expressed her excitement for the developer portal and said, Both the scope of topics covered in the Portal and the way that we are promoting them with these NFTAs show the amazing possibilities Cardano offers. It is something lots of people still need to get accustomed to. With the help of our community, they will.”

Cardano’s Potential to Overtake Ethereum

Cardano and Ethereum share a lot of common ground but over time they’ve taken different routes to move ahead. Their approaches to growth have sparked many debates among crypto enthusiasts. Some of those arguments have suggested that Cardano has the potential to overtake Ethereum in the long run because of its stronger fundamentals.

Notably, Ethereum has a much larger market cap than Cardano but the network is currently suffering from expensive transactions and congestion, which has forced some developers to look elsewhere. The network is scheduled to receive upgrades this year which will help it transition to the POS model.

On the other hand, Cardano has been eco-friendly crypto from the beginning with its proof-of-stake consensus. The one area where it lags behind ETH is smart contracts, which will be fully implemented on its network by August. With the addition of smart contracts, developers can create DApps and DeFi projects on the Cardano ecosystem, which will bolster the network’s prospects against Ethereum. 


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