Cardano to Launch Its Own DeFi Hub, Along with Launchpad and DEX

Kavya  |  Sep 18, 2021

Astarter, a decentralized finance (DeFi) hub backed by high-profile EMURGO developers, will enroll on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano Launch Its Own DeFi Hub, Along with Launchpad & DEX Services

According to the Astarter team's official statement, their solution is now available to satisfy the needs of 140+ early-stage firms who are ready to use Cardano smart contracts.

ADEX, a pioneering decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on Cardano (ADA), will be among the modules it offers.

The Launchpad will thereafter be available to help early-stage Cardano-focused businesses get funds more quickly. The Launchpad listing will be 100% permissionless.

The Money Market services module will serve as an easy-to-use lending/borrowing environment for ADA and other Cardano native assets.

Finally, the Tech Service Solution kit is intended to improve the developer’s experience inside the emerging Cardano environment. 

Charles Hoskinson Caution Against Impersonators

As the use of Cardano (ADA) smart contracts spread, an increasing number of imposters seek to trick inventors, developers, and Cardano (ADA) enthusiasts. 

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOG, reaffirmed his lack of Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. 

As a result, any effort to contact an Instagram or LinkedIn user on Hoskinson’s behalf is a complete fraud. 

Indian YouTube User Threatens Charles Hoskinson: Here’s Why?

Mr. Hoskinson was contacted by an internet user named Christo Seby, according to a screenshot of an email he shared. Mr. Seby claimed to be from Kerala, which is located on India’s Malabar Coast. 

He accused Charles Hoskinson of hacking Ashkar Techy’s YouTube account. He is a local YouTube personality who posted videos on cars and dating with 650,000 followers. 

Seby demands angrily that the account be restored to its rightful owner. Otherwise, he argues, Cardano's (ADA) inventor will be "under attack." 

The hackers of Ashkar Techy's channel appear to have exploited it to promote a "giveaway fraud" on behalf of Charles Hoskinson.

The attack on Ashkar Techy's channel has alarmed the Indian YouTube community and since July 26, 2021, several vloggers highlighted this issue.

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