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Kavya Barua is a voracious learner who is fascinated by crypto and Fintech advancements. Graduated from Janki Devi Memorial College's B.A (Hons) English program at the University of Delhi. She aspires to be a successful professional, having a keen interest in learning and achieving results.

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Coinbase Switches to Robinhood as Liquidating Shiba Inu Becomes Difficult

As Shiba Inu reaches a new high, consequently it increased trading activity in the cryptocurrency, investors e ...

  Oct 30, 2021
Aavegotchi (GHST) Auctions ‘Gotchiverse’ to gains 50% as Metaverse Becomes Mainstream

At the moment, Aavegotchi is making headway in the blockchain-based gaming industry with an innovative method ...

  Oct 30, 2021
As Ethereum Sets a New Altcoin Market Value Record, Bitcoin is Aiming for its Third Weekly Closing Above $60k

As Bitcoin consolidates slightly below its "worst-case scenario" monthly closure target, Ethereum reaches all- ...

  Oct 30, 2021
Aladdin Pro Offers Lowest Fees for Fiat-to-Crypto Conversion

Utilizing the Aladdin Pro wallet, customers may acquire cryptocurrencies with fiat ease using Aladdin Pro's cr ...

  Oct 30, 2021
With the Assistance of the FBI, Australian Federal Police Seize $1 Million in Cryptocurrency

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has revealed that a convicted hacker’s cryptocurrency has been ordered for ...

  Oct 30, 2021
Elon Musk Believes that Cryptocurrency Might Harm Your Mental Health

According to a recent tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, monitoring cryptocurrency prices might harm and lead to me ...

  Oct 30, 2021
Crypto.com Launches a Global Awareness Campaign for its Platform

Today Crypto.com, one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency marketplaces launches a global awareness campaign. ...

  Oct 30, 2021
About 41% of the Overall Supply of Shiba Inu has been Burned

Shiba Inu investors have been riding high on the meme token’s recent skyrocketing surge. However, many peo ...

  Oct 29, 2021
Virgin Racing Partners With the Algorand Foundation to Promote 'Green' Blockchain Technology

Envision Virgin Racing, a British motor racing team located at Silverstone Park has signed a Platinum Partners ...

  Oct 29, 2021
Dallas Mavericks Says that Everyone Who Downloads the Voyager Digital App this Week will get $100 in Bitcoin

The Dallas Mavericks, owned by Mark Cuban, said on Wednesday that they will give Bitcoin worth $100 to everyon ...

  Oct 29, 2021