CBDCs Advance in Testing, 10 Different Countries Make Use of Currencies

Sahaj  |  Jul 24, 2021

As the CBDCs are advancing in testing, a number of countries are making use of Central Bank Digital Currencies and have taken lead in the effort of the creation of CBDCs. Guardtime, the enterprise blockchain firm, has recently conducted a survey that shows that veterans from ten different countries would like to utilize a CBDC.

CBDCs Utilised by Different Countries as They Advance in Testing 

In a recently conducted survey, it was revealed that adults from ten different countries would likely use a Central Bank of Digital Currency.

Around ⅔ of the three respondents said that they are going to use a CBDC after the introduction and most of the participants of the study believe a major CBFD is going to be introduced within 3 years. 

Founded by Christopher Leiter and Mike Gault, Guardtime has recently conducted a survey throughout ten major economic regions, Europe, North America, United Arab Emirates, and Asia.

The study has found that around 64% out of all the participants that were there in the survey would likely leverage a CBDC if their country happened to launch one. 

Around 33% of the respondents revealed that they were likely to use a CBDC if a major one was introduced. 

Guardtime Study Says Company Works With Central Banks

As per the study of the company, it is working with different central banks around the world and it believes:

“That the introduction of central bank digital currencies could upend the global economic order.”

In addition to this, the research report notes:

“Around one in three adults (33%) would be willing to convert their savings into a CBDC within a month.  Another 26% would do so within one to six months. Just 11% say they would never convert savings into a CBDC.”

The study adds:

“Up to 30% would be happy to have their salary paid in a CBDC within a month with another 27% following within one to six months. Around 12% would never accept being paid in a CBDC.”

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