CEO Hoskinson Discusses What Silicon Valley Can Offer Cardano
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CEO Hoskinson Discusses What Silicon Valley Can Offer Cardano

February 17, 2020      Zain Raza

Cardano, the decentralized public blockchain could very well be on its way to be embraced by the Silicon Valley, the high tech capital of the world according to its CEO and Co-founder, Charles Hoskinson.

In his latest AMA session, Cardano’s CEO revealed that similar talks are currently ongoing with Emurgo and believe that soon Cardano’s ecosystem would be in the conversation too. He has set the Goguen phase as a timeframe for dialogues to open adding that would be a good moment to push things in the right direction, He also praised the Silicon valley by calling it an apt environment as they like building new things and share a warm bond with cryptocurrencies.

After the inception of Bitcoin, Cardano made a serious wave of attempts and many of the new ventures are based in Silicon Valley. However, to really have strong roots in the valley, Hoskinson said-

“.. you need to teach people how to deploy solutions on our platform, and the burden is upon us to have great developer experience and for that infrastructure to help developers get to their solutions.”

Cardano’s Got Grand Plans

Hoskinson went on to add that once this is done, not just Silicon Valley, they would like to evangelize in London, Tokyo and New York as well.

The Bitcoin’s bull run inspired many silicon valley’s ambitious projects, most noteworthy mentions being  Jack Dorsey’s Twitter and Elon Musk’s Tesla. When Facebook wanted to join the party by announcing Libra, it faced a lot of slack.

It would be quite a sight to see how Cardano and Silicon Valley deliver, Cardano’s CEO has stated previously that to introduce Cardano to the enterprise world, it needs to generate a commercial alignment.

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