ChainSafe Announces the Purchase of Node Factory

Kavya  |  Jul 26, 2021

ChainSafe, a Toronto-based blockchain research and development business, has announced the purchase of Croatian blockchain partner Node Factory.

ChainSafe Announces Node Factory Purchase

A global leader in blockchain development and engineering solutions, Chainsafe is employing top engineering talent from all around the world. 

The business is developing official client implementations for Ethereum 2.0 ("Lodestar"), Polkadot ("Gossamer"), Filecoin ("Forest"), a Rust version of the Mina Protocol, and many more cryptocurrencies. 

ChainSafe completes their extensive Web 3.0 portfolio with product development initiatives such as their privacy-first file storage solution ChainSafe Files, the ChainSafe Gaming SDK, and their flagship product ChainBridge. 

Today, they announced the purchase of Node Factory, a fellow blockchain development business.

"We are thrilled to welcome Node Factory as a member of the ChainSafe family. For more than a year, they have been vital collaborators in our efforts to create Lodestar. 

Their work is always of the finest, most dependable quality, and above the code is a nicer staff. Bringing their skilled developers into the ChainSafe mix provides us with greater depth and particular experience in the blockchain area. 

We are excited to work with Node Factory to create even more amazing things in the multi-chain future that we have been expecting since the beginning of this adventure " According to Aidan Hyman, ChainSafe's CEO, and co-founder.

About Node Factory

ChainSafe has purchased Node Factory, which is situated in Croatia. The firm is comprised of seasoned engineers that have contributed significantly to Web 3.0 and networks such as Polkadot and Filecoin. 

They also assist startups in launching their own decentralized applications. 

About Chainsafe

ChainSafe is a world leader in the development of blockchain protocols and infrastructure. They support key ecosystems like Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, Cosmos, Mina, and others. 

More information on ChainSafe may be found on their website, Github, Twitter, Medium, or by joining the conversation in their Discord.

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