is a New Member of The Libra Association

Zain  |  Apr 29, 2020

Good news for facebook's Libra Association is often few and far between. The project has turned into controversy's favourite child no matter how hard it tries to not be under scrutiny. While many of its elite members have decided to remove their name from the list, a welcome addition has been made in the form of, a processing platform.

The CEO and founder of, Guillaume Pousaz, in a blog post on Tuesday revealed that he feels blockchain is loaded with immense benefits for the way the global transaction are done.  He went on to add that he looks forward to working with the Libra project and redefine and reinvent, shape the global commerce. He believes that the libra project would be successful as it is built on members who share the same philosophy. a Welcome Addition

After the acquisition of Heifer International last week, the total number of members in this project now stands at twenty-four. Citing regulatory concerns, Visa and MasterCard decide to drop their interest in the project, now is the first payment firm after their exit to join the Libra project.

It seems that no matter how hard Libra association tries, there is no pleasing the critics.  While there have definitely been a few new additions to the project, earlier this week, the Libra association made a host of changes to its project, and the new proposal was very different to the one made in June. Instead of popping up with one single stablecoin, it now proposes to launch several single currency stablecoin.

However, the regulators remain unimpressed and suggested that the issues that needed addressing as they demanded,  were left unattended by the organization. The future of Libra despite the recent acquisitions remains in balance. appears as a replacement to Stripe, another payment company which was a member of Libra earlier on.

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