Clem Chambers of ADVFN Predicts Bitcoin May Come Below $20K Mark and Even Below $10K Mark

Sahaj  |  Jul 24, 2021

The CEO of ADVFN, Clem Chambers shared his thoughts recently on the current situation of the crypto market and Bitcoin along with Ethereum and Defi. Clem mentioned that Bitcoin has actually shifted in four-year cycles since the year 2011, and right now, the cryptocurrency is going down.

ADVFN CEO Clem Chambers Believes Bitcoin May Show Downtrend

As revealed in the recent interview, the CEO of ADVFN, the #1 stock and shares website, Clem Chambers discusses his views on the crypto market and specifically Bitcoin, Ethereum, Defi, and other digital assets in general. He said:

“Every boom-bubble-bust looks exactly the same as the last. You can look that up. It's the same wave. Every time, it's a four-year cycle. Here it is again, coming down, and it's going to come down to well under $20,000, maybe even under $10,000. When it does, I'm going to start buying again.”

In addition to this, he mentioned that he believes that the crypto investors that are here for the long-term, should not be bothered by the continuous fluctuations in the market. 

Also, he did advise the investors to put money in the asset in the long-term so that they can accumulate the asset while the price is low. 

Moreover, he said that he believes in Bitcoin over Ethereum as ETH undergoes a lot of updates.

Clem Chambers on Crypto Industry and Satoshi Nakamoto

Clem Chambers also laid an emphasis on appreciating the value of the crypto market and the supposed creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto as he said:

“I'll stick to my first choice: Mr. Nakamoto. He's got $32 billion in Bitcoin, he invented it and nobody knows who he is. I mean, that really is the ultimate.”

Concluding his statement, Chambers shared his predictions for the price of Bitcoin by the end of this year, which he believes will touch $13K, and in near future, will touch $120,000.

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