CocoBull Received Multi-Million Dollar Investment from OK Group

Vandana Malik by Vandana Malik - 03:05 PM Apr 09, 2020
CocoBull Received Multi-Million Dollar Investment from OK Group

The whole world is going through a major lockdown situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wuhan which was the epicentre of COVID-19 has now recovered from it and it has lifted the lockdown. Right after lifting lockdown, some of the major firms have seen a huge investment coming their way. CocoBull, a startup which has been developing technologies especially for the blockchain industry has received a huge investment.

This investment of multi-million dollars has been made by the OK Group which is an insurance broker firm. CocoBull is also an analytics platform particularly for data mining that is based on blockchain. The firm also sends personalized information to its users by using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

CocoBull glad to receive the investment 

The team of CocoBull that handles the major operations of the firm consists of the experts from Huawei, Tencent and Microsoft. These are some of the major firms in the whole technical industry.  One of the project representatives of CocoBull has expressed great happiness by receiving such huge funding. He has said that the company is extremely glad to receive this huge investment from the OK Group. He also talked about the achievements of the firm as it has played a major role in the development of blockchain technology.

The on-chain big data analysis system of CocoBull will also provide a huge help in many different fields. The company also provides great help to different regulators and banking institutions by providing money-laundering and anti-crime data tracking.

This investment will help to recover the economical damage

Wuhan has been going through a very severe situation for over months now due to the coronavirus pandemic. This huge investment received by CocoBull is going to play a major role in the economic revival and will also cure the damage done to the economy of the nation.

This is not all, OK Group is also looking forward to further funding the company in other major operations as well. This major step could also be seen as a step towards the economic revival of the city and the nation.

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