CoinBurp, Dubbed as the 'Coinbase for NFTs' Launches on KuCoin, Gate And Polkastarter

Evan  |  Jul 24, 2021

CoinBurp is the United Kingdom's largest peer-to-peer (P2P) brokerage and the platform is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The exchange offers an easy go-to solution to buy, store and transfer the most popular crypto-assets. While CoinBurp was built as a Centralized Finance exchange (CeFi), the company is increasingly looking to help its users adopt Decentralized Finance (DeFi), as this is the direction the industry is heading in. People are interested in adopting decentralized finance but a lot of factors are putting them off.

During a survey made by CoinBurp, users of the exchange were asked what it would take for them to adopt DeFi. 33% of the people who took this survey said that they were interested in the DeFi sector, but they found it "too difficult to use", they had "private key anxiety" or they were deterred by the "lack of insurance". A large number of users who took this survey also communicated a demand for the use of NFTs as a form of collateral.

There are indeed some problems attached with using Decentralized applications (dAPPs), a major one being the issue of applications having not-very-friendly user interfaces. This problem, among other issues, has made CoinBurp develop a platform that will bring the two worlds of CeFi and DeFi together.

The CoinBurp exchange has already achieved 15% MoM user and trade volume growth, has fiat (GBP/EUR) on/off-ramp and insured fiat/crypto custody. With a user base of 35,000+ users, CoinBurp is now developing the "Coinbase for NFTs". Their mission is to roll-out an NFT-first non-custodial wallet, connecting the ecosystems of CeFi to DeFi. The platform will bring together exchanges, lending/saving applications and dCommerce platforms.

The plan is to integrate the CoinBurp Wallet with all the major open NFT marketplaces, which aims to enable quick and easy purchasing of NFTs with fiat. Moving forward, CoinBurp would launch an NFT raffle programme of its own. This will assist in tapping into the generative digital collectables trend, and to increase loyalty by rewarding holders with variable rarity NFTs on the platform.

In March, CoinBurp launched the alpha version of their DeFi/NFT Wallet for iOS and Android, which experienced a tremendous level of adoption. Since that launch, the company has continued to update and improve their product, offering the best solutions for user-functionality in the market. In line with this vision, CoinBurp raised $6 million from leading blockchain & Web3 venture capital firms, to actualize their goal in making CeFi and DeFi available to the masses.

$BURP: The CoinBurp Token

CoinBurp is set to launch the $BURP token to its community members in the coming days with an impressive line up for a hybrid triple-IEO/IDO - 2 centralized, and 1 decentralized offering. Users of the CoinBurp exchange can participate in governance voting, obtain a higher multiplier when staking $BURP, and have the opportunity to earn more from their initial purchased tokens. Users also stand the chance to win rare NFTs from CoinBurp's network of NFT partners which includes Polychain Monsters (formerly Polkamon), Ethermon, Avastars, NFT Boxes, The Sandbox and ChainGuardians with more to join in the pipeline. Holders of the $BURP token will be inclusive members of the community that will be deeply involved in the project's governance, and be integral parts of CoinBurp's mission to interconnect the two worlds of CeFi and DeFi.

IDO on Polkastarter

Eligible Whitelist participants can get their hands on the $BURP token during the Initial DEX Offering. The IDO will be launched on one of the most popular decentralized token launchpads - Polkastarter - with the aim of bridging in the DeFi community, and give the DeFi lovers a chance to be a $BURP token holder. Qualified participants of this IDO, which has been a huge success for the company, will be an integral part of CoinBurp’s long-term development through staking and governance.

If you are an avid CoinBurp supporter and didn’t get the chance to qualify on the Whitelist, do not be discouraged as there will be opportunity to get in on the action on their dual-IEO, conducted on and KuCoin. Details can be found at the announced full public launch reveal! Public trading will also go LIVE on both respective platforms on Monday 26th July, at 14:30 UTC.

$BURP-ing into the Future

CoinBurp’s ambitious roadmap has pegged them to release an unprecedented update in September. In this update, CoinBurp will be integrating OpenSea marketplace and FIAT gateways within their app. Also, within that update, users will be able to link their bank accounts (EUR or GBP) in just a few steps and can then buy NFTs from their favorite marketplaces. As an added perk to this great buying experience, CoinBurp will offer an institutional-grade insured solution that will enable users to store and allow secure transfers of NFTs between Web3 wallets (e.g Metamask).

Key dates to remember in this process

  • KuCoin IEO subscription and entry period: July 23rd, 12:00 UTC - July 26th, 0:00 UTC
  • io IEO Token Giveaway: July 24th, 3:00 UTC - July 25th, 3:00 UTC
  • Polkastarter IDO opening and closing of entry: July 26th, 11:00 - 14:30 UTC
  • KuCoin and listing for public trading live: July 26th, 14:30 UTC
  • CoinBurp Token Flow

    • 20% of CoinBurp fees will be redistributed as $BURP-back to support the sustainability model.
    • $BURP tokens will unlock rewards on CeFi and DeFi.
    • Staking $BURP grants the user entry into a unique NFT Raffle loyalty programme.
    • Token Information

      $BURP has a maximum supply of 500M tokens and a limited supply available on the IDO (< 1% of the supply). This makes $BURP even more valuable for early holders.

      Token Allocation

      Below displayed is how the $BURP token will be allocated

      • 500 million maximum supply to be reached by 2028
      • 47% of these will reach end-users
      • 11% to early backers and advisors
      • 17% to private rounds
      • 25% to be retained by the team
      • Public sale — No vesting, no lock-up
      • You can find more information about CoinBurp by following their socials and community channels:

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